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šŸ„‡Bagged vs Bagless Vacuums Comparison

bagged vs bagless vacuum

Looking for the comparison on bagged vs bagless vacuum cleaner in 2021? Check our reviews now!

A new way to categorize vacuum cleaners is bagless and bagged.

A bagged vacuum cleaner uses a bag as a filter to trap dirt and let the air pass through the bag, bags can be washable and replaceable.

Bagless vacuum cleaners use filters to prevent the dirt and debris from escaping back from the dirt cup or chamber which you can empty later.

So what’s better for you? A bagless model or a bagged vacuum cleaner?

Let’s find out…

Bagged vs Bagless Vacuums

Here’s a quick comparison for you if you are in a hurry to make the decision quick and easy.

Bagged vacuum cleaners

Bagged vacuum cleaners require you to change the bag when it becomes full. Bags are not expensive, and replacing them is not a huge chore, but an inconvenience maybe checking if the bag is full. Some bagged vacuum models come with a light indicator that allows you to know when the bag needs to be changed. Some models requiring bag has a great benefit that there is not a lot of content with the dust and debris in the bag. Slip out the old bag and throw it away.

These are some bagged vacuum cleaners selected for you.

Hoover T-Series Bissell Cleanview Oreck Commercial Bissell Zing

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet



Bissell Cleanview Pet





Bissell Zing Canister


Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

These are the advantages and disadvantages of getting a bagged vacuum cleaner over bagless vacuum cleaner.

  • Easy to dispose of the dirt
  • Bigger bag capacities mean less emptying (replacing)
  • Built-in the filter in the bag
  • Bags automatically seal when disconnected from the vacuum
  • Good for Allergy sufferers
  • The additional cost of bags can be $24-$72.
  • Removing and replacing a new bag is a sensitive process
  • Dirt sitting in the bag for days can create a smell

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Bagless vacuum cleaners allow you to forget your worry about emptying the dust canister as you can clearly view the dirt and debris in the cup. The fill line exists on each dirt cup that makes you empty the cup.

Most vacuum cleaners with filters require to be brushed, washed and fully dried, or completely replaced. Depending on the vacuum cleaner you have, emptying the dirt cup can be a messy process.

Sometimes dirt billows back out of the cup, sometimes you have to shake or pull out compacted dirt that is stuck at the bottom of the container. But, if you accidentally vacuumed up something that you need to retrieve, it is easily removed from a dirt cup.

These are some bagless vacuum cleaners selected for you.

Shark NV356E Hoover React QuickLift Hoover UH70120 Bissell Aeroswift

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust Away



Hoover React QuickLift



Hoover UH70120 T-Series WindTunnel Rewind



Bissell Aeroswift Compact


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These are the advantages and disadvantages of getting a bagless vacuum cleaner over bagged vacuum cleaner.

  • No additional maintenance costs
  • Disposing dirt takes less time than bagged models
  • Clean durt cup anytime to avoid bad odor
  • Economical to expensive units
  • Advanced cleaning capabilities
  • Improved HEPA filters
  • Small dust bin capacities
  • Bigger units

How to choose?

Have you seen any vacuum cleaner salesperson at your doorstep? You might have.

Some of them are nice and don’t try to push their products onto you. Other sales reps are determined to prove how awesome their vacuum is and it becomes difficult to make them leave.

The same is true with dirt and debris in your home. The dirt moves in and requires a challenging effort to get it out. Some people are allergic to dirt or have a physical reaction like asthma, with its presence.

To get rid of dirt and debris, you can find plenty of great machines in this bag vs bagless vacuum cleaner list and force them to leave. Some vacuums are nice, effective, and give you a cleaner home quietly. Others are loud and noisy and create a bigger mess than the one before cleaning.

Let’s cut to the chase, we have listed best-bagged vacuums and best bagless vacuums down below. Also explained the advantages and disadvantages of both categories to help you make the shopping process easy and comfortable.

Benefits of choosing a Bagged vacuum

1. Keeps allergens trapped inside

Bagged vacuums keep the items trapped inside which you collected from hard floors and carpet. Many vacuums have a sealed system, some have HEPA filtration, that plays an important role in the cleanliness of your home. The noticeable difference with HEPA filter is that it is useful for allergy sufferers as the filter keeps the allergens, pollens, dust mites, dead skin, and other microns trapped inside. If a vacuum uses a bag with multiple layers, then removing the fine dust from a floor and then disposing of it are simplified.

2. Easy to dispose of dirt

Either you are an allergy sufferer or not, but cleaning the dirt container of a bagless vacuums results in the dust flying out everywhere which is quite frustrating unless you have an empty trash bag or a deep trash can. But, bagged vacuums are good when it comes to disposing of dirt and debris. You don’t have to worry about fetching dirt while breathing or the dust lying around the trash can while emptying the dust bin. With bagged vacuums, you can remove it, toss it, and then forget about it.

3. Users are exposed to much less dirt while working

Another advantage of bagged vacuums over bagless vacuums is that while working with a bagless model, sometimes dirt or debris gets stuck to the filter, the container, or the blower mechanisms. Some people use their hand to remove it if it’s pet fur or some shake it very hard or use any other method to unstuck the dirt. It can be frustrating if you clean it with your hand and get your hand covered with a thick layer of dust. That’s where bag vacuums totally eliminate this problem. You only need to remove the bag carefully according to the instructions by the manufacturer, the amount of exposure is greatly diminished.

4. Bagged vacuums require less emptying.

Generally, bagged vacuums have bigger bag capacities like 3 dry quarts of material collection. How often you have to dispose of the bag totally depends on the size of the apartment or home you live in. If you live in a medium-to-large home then you can easily clean tile floors, wood floors, low pile or high pile carpets or any other surface without worrying about removing the bag. Generally, bagless containers can hold 1.5 dry liters or less before they need to be emptied. If there is no indicator you can keep cleaning until the bag reaches to its maximum capacity. So bagged vacuums make cleaning quick and faster rather than emptying the dust bin more frequently.

5. They have a built-in filter

Generally, bagged vacuums require less maintenance, and if the filter is built into the bag that can actually reduce the maintenance more. Although replacing bags adds cost to the cleaning, but it’s similar to the added cost of swapping filters a couple of times per year. So when a bag is full of dust, debris, and crumbs, you can replace it without worrying about cleaning the filter, which leads to superior cleaning for any surface.

6. Some bags can seal themselves once removed from the vacuum

If you are worried about post-vacuuming dust exposure then bagged vacuums have got you covered. These bags can be expensive, but they can hold two pounds of debris and are created with odor-absorbing materials eliminating the problem or threat of lingering stench. As soon as you remove the bag, it automatically seals itself.

Bagged vacuum buying considerations

Because bag vacuums are proven the technology, virtually any vacuum brand offering bagged vacuum can be helpful for cleaning your home. As upright and canister both have a similar design so these three features can help you to get the best vacuum of this type from the best brands.

Suction power

Generally, the higher the suction power is, the more cleaning efficiency a vacuum offers, plus it picks up more dirt and debris that can be sucked into the disposable bag. Higher suction power is helpful to remove dirt and pet hair that tends to accumulate in nooks, crannies, and corners of stairs, furniture, and wall trim.

Total Reach

This is the combined reach of the power cord and the hose. A regular or traditional vacuum with 30 feet long power cord can give fewer steps, but bagged vacuums exceed over 40 feet in length.


All vacuums are equipped with a filtration mechanism that eliminates or separates dust from the airflow into the bag. Some vacuums have a HEPA filter that is good for those suffering from allergy, asthma, COPD, or some other breathing issues. The HEPA filter is totally sealed and gives the best possible results.

When looking at the best brands of bag vacuums, Oreck is at the top. In fact, they make such vacuums for professional or commercial use only like for hotels or colleges to get superior cleaning results. Soon, the manufacturers realized that professionals were purchasing these vacuums for residential use, then started manufacturing the units for domestic use.

Some other brands making bagged vacuums are Bissell, Hoover, Kenmore, and Sanitaire.

Benefits of Choosing a bagless vacuum?

1. Economical for tight budget consumers

The average price of a bag is around 2 dollars, and if changed once in a month it reaches to $24 a year for maintenance of the vacuum. Similarly, there are odor elimination bags, that increase the cost to $72 annually. So bagless vacuums can be less costly compared to bagged vacuums.

2. Less downtime

Both bagged and bagless vacuums suffer from downtime to dispose of the crud collected from the floor. Replacing a bag of bagged vacuums can be time-consuming compared to cleaning the container of the bagless model. With a bagless model, slip the container out, dump it, and put it back, but a bagged model requires you to carefully disconnect the bag and carefully connect the new one and it takes time honestly. Because with bagged vacuums you have to clip the bag on the right places if by any chance you missed the clips, it can result in a huge mess.

3. You can compost items from your floor with a bagless model

Bagless models are usually more environmentally friendly that are currently available in this section of the home appliance industry. You save additional bag costs, plus you can quickly dump a full dirt container into your compost bin if you wish. If you are a gardener, you can recycle the debris for your garden.

4. Bagless models allow you to empty debris on-demand

A common issue with bagged models is that they have larger capacities, which means you tend to replace them when they are full. But the dust, dirt, and debris accumulated of many days in the bag can create a weird smell that can translate to your carpet when vacuuming. Whereas the bagless model allows you to dump the dirt anytime you want to eliminate the smelling caused by stuff.

5. Easier to clean

If you dirt container gets too dirty, you can rinse the cup or container in clean or soapy water or use a wet rag to wipe it up. Similarly, you can clean other components of the vacuum. After cleaning the unit, use a clean towel to dry it or leave it for some time. You can regularly maintain the vacuum without having to disassemble the unit. That can save some extra time compared to bagged vacuum cleaners.

6. Less clogging

A bagged vacuum unit is going to lose it’s suction gradually. As the bag reaches towards the maximum capacity, the more power it takes to suck the dirt inside. Whereas, bagless vacuums use Cyclonic technologies that make sure the vacuum never loses suction over time. So vacuum never clogs in the hose of the chamber, which results in less overall downtime for the average owner.

Considerations for buying Bagless Vacuum

Bagless vacuums are emerging technology, and unlike bagged vacuums, they are usually manufactured for residential markets. Even the innovations are happening in this category where the latest, modern, newer technologies are used to developed efficient, cost-effective vacuum cleaners.

As there are several bagless vacuums with a range of features, allowing you to choose on your own preference, but we can categorize them in the budget.

Budget models

A bagless vacuum line is vast and filled with hundreds of vacuum cleaners by several brands. Some of the popular names include Bissell, Hoover, and DirtDevil. Now you can easily get a vacuum ranging from inexpensive to expensive depending on the features it brings.

All round

Bagless vacuum offers solid user experience and normally a good vacuum cleaner will cost somewhere $100-$200. Plus, vacuums cleaners are loaded with a set of accessories to deal with a different type of messes. Many bagless vacuums come with debris disposal, limiting the number of exposure people is required to have when cleaning the vacuum.


Premium bagless vacuums are designed for the households looking for superior suction to clean carpets, floors effectively without worrying about the price. Such vacuums have commercial-strength, an extended reach, and a variety of features to clean different surfaces. Some vacuums can be 2-in-1 combining stick and handheld in one unit to take advantage of portability and maneuverability. Such vacuums range between $250 to $600. And the best models at this level are offered by Dyson and Shark.

It’s clear that bagged vacuums give much better vacuuming experience, but bagless vacuums are almost there. Some models are equipped with HEPA filters and sealed vacuuming for better results.

The biggest concern with bagless models has always been the way the dust cup is emptied. The ideal way to dump a dust bin is to place a container deep into a trash bag or empty it outside to avoid facing the dust.

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