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5 Best Bed Bug Vacuums & Steamers Buying Guide

best vacuum for bed bugs

Looking for Best Bed Bug Vacuum, Best Bed Bug Steamer in 2021? Read on…

Bed bugs are a nasty problem. They come in huge numbers, multiply quickly, and can be hard to spot.


These tiny creatures get in through open doors and windows as well as cracks and crevices that we didn’t even know existed. The situation gets worse when they reach our beds or bite and feed on human blood.

So, instead of insecticides, you need to get the best bed bug vacuum or steamer to get rid of bed bugs forever.

In this guide, you will discover:

  • Our top picks for bed bug steamers and vacuums.
  • How to make a smart decision of buying bed bug vacuum.
  • How to use a bed bug vacuum and steamer.

Unfortunately, there is an avalanche of faulty information about bed bugs on the web that we attempt to clean up here.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the best bed bug vacuums list.

Best Bed Bug Vacuums & Steamers 2021: 30-seconds summary

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick summary of all the best picks.

Best Bed Bugs vacuums cleaners & Steamers 2019 Reviews

Here’s comes the list of top bed bug vacuums and steamers.


Our Top Pick

Atrix Bug Sucker HEPA Backpack Vacuum

  • Brings several attachments.
  • Commercial grade suction power.
  • Purifies air at the same time vacuuming for bugs


This vacuum specifically targets bed bugs, cockroaches, and other pests. It’s ideal to use in commercial, residential, and industrial properties safely and effectively.

It also uses a HEPA filter that forces air through a thick mesh and keeps the particles, pollens, and allergens trapped inside.

While it’s operating, two objectives are achieved: bed bugs cleaning and air purification for the collection of harmful particles released into the air.

The Atric weighs around 20lbs and is versatile enough that it can be used for tile floors, curtains, and carpets.

As it brings a load of attachments, finding hidden populations of bedbugs around door frames or panels outlets.

In a nutshell: The Atrix Big Sucker is a heavy-duty and an effective vacuum cleaner to clean entire home for bed bugs and other dust particles or crumbs lying around.

  • Strong suction power.
  • The handful of attachments.
  • Air purification from harmful particles.
  • Powerful motor sucks stubborn microorganisms.
  • Convenient carry straps for backpack use.
  • Heavy.
  • Expensive.



Housemile Anti-Dust Mite UV Vacuum Cleaner

  • Uses carbon filtration.
  • Sucks up dust mites and bed bugs.
  • Changing the filter is super easy.

As the name suggests this vacuum is specifically designed to eliminate small pests and dust mites.

The system uses HEPA filtration to remove air pollution.

The Housemile uses high-frequency vibration to beat the bed bugs out of their hiding places and the strong suctioning power sucks them up quickly at the same time.

The product is extremely convenient and lightweight for most consumers as it weighs less than 3 lbs. There’s a larger container of 160ml capacity that can absorb a large number of materials, dust or pests.

Overall, Housemile provides a quick and efficient solution to pest problems and it’s an excellent alternative to the complex steam cleaners.

  • Lightweight & portable.
  • HEPA filter to purify the air.
  • Efficient pests cleaning solution.
  • Lacks extra filters.


Top steamer
best bed bug steam cleaner

Sunbeam Handheld Garment Travel Steamer

  • Takes just 45-second max to heat up.
  • Provides continuous heat of 15 minutes.
  • Portable and much effective than comparable commercial steamers.

The Sunbeam is so portable and compact that you can easily grab it in your hand. In just 45 seconds it can heat up allowing you to eliminate potential hazards quickly.

The tiny design makes it suitable for travel and it’s sturdy build makes it durable enough to withstand a trip in a suitcase.

This little thing lasts for 15 minutes providing enough steam to clean fabrics, linen, drapes, and curtains. It’s an ideal choice if you are traveling and you can use it in your hotel room to deal with bed bugs like a breeze.

The press includes a wide, flat bar which not only helps to destroy pets but also removes the wrinkles. To get a continuous flow of steam you can lock the trigger in place.

  • Extremely portable.
  • Removes odor as well as pests.
  • Pests will die immediately with it’s extreme heat.
  • Water reservoir has less capacity.
  • Dead pests are not picked up.
  • The water in the tank can develop an unpleasent odor.



Vapamore MR-100 Steam Cleaner

  • Extreme heat kills bed bugs and eggs.
  • Can clean grout, curtains and household parts.
  • Lifetime warranty on certain parts.

This heavy-duty machine is capable to remove germs, bacteria, different types of pests using dry vapor technology.

A large water reservoir that allows 60 minutes of cleaning on different surfaces.

Furthermore, the Vapamore produces 210-220 degrees Fahrenheit heat to create an inhospitable environment for bed bugs and mites.

Individuals can use this machine for carpet and hard floors. You can control the steam output quickly and easily. To get the best performance in difficult to reach areas you have various accessories like triangular corner brush, two extension tubes, a water level dipstick, the steam gun and hose.

Finally, this machine is suitable for those who want to clean their entire home and kill pests in the rooms regularly.

  • Large water resorvoir.
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces.
  • Dry vapor is best for bed bug removal.
  • Nozzle adjustment is helpful to target tiny areas.
  • Jet nozzle for powerful cleaning
  • Expensive.
  • Dead pests are not picked up.
    Warranty has certain stipulations ( you must use diluted water and immediately register your product.)


Overall good

Conair Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer

  • Takes just 75 seconds to heat up and provides steam for 15 minutes.
  • Brings 3 various attachments for different uses.
  • Handheld Model.

This handheld steamer is an invaluable asset to disinfect fabrics and kill bed bugs and mites lurking on clothes, carpets, and curtains in your home.

The three attachments that come with this machine are fabric brush, a creaser, and a soft cushion brush.

It not only destroy pests, but it can be used for sanitation of hotel rooms if you are traveling.

It takes around 75 seconds to fully heat up, thanks to a dual heat system mechanism, and the water reservoir holds 15 minutes worth of water to generate steam.

Compared to other machines, this one makes your home, clothes pet-free very quickly and efficiently.

  • Inexpensive.
  • No usage of harsh chemicals.
  • Lightest.
  • It needs to be plugged in to work.
  • Struggles with thick fabrics.
  • Dead pests are not picked up by it.

Bed Bugs Vacuum Buying Guide

This actionable guide will help you figure out the best equipment for you to get rid of bed bugs permanently.

Why should you use the steam cleaner for bed bugs?

Just to let you know a steam cleaner is a machine that uses air pressure plus hot water to emit hot steam which disinfects surfaces, loosen stains and kill pests.

The reason why steam cleaners work great is the heat that bed bugs hate.

why steam cleaners

The heat not only kills mites and bed bugs but the eggs as well without fail. At 122F heat, both the bed bugs and eggs are killed instantly. For really bad bed bug infestations, exterminators will heat up an entire home to kill bed bugs immediately.

The best thing about a steam cleaner is the direct application of heat to a specific area or surface. Either it’s your belongings or baseboard you can apply the heat directly to get rid of the bed bugs. As an alternative, you can get a top-rated heater for bed bugs as well.

Difference Between Steam Cleaners & Vacuum Cleaners

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners kill bed bugs by high temperature, Plus they are most effective and cost-friendly but overdoing with the moisture on slow drying surfaces(mold) can be troublesome. The biggest advantage is steam that kills the bed bugs as well as eggs, and not only the adults like other insecticides.

If your choice is steam cleaner then you need to be very precise and meticulous for applying heat around your house. These guidelines will be helpful to you.

  • Make sure the steam cleaning tool have a larger nozzle.
  • Must use dry vapor or dry steam for the prevention of mold.
  • Make sure the water reservoir is large enough to prevent frequent refills.
  • Make sure to use the steam on the area that gets above 120 Fahrenheit otherwise there will be no effect of this treatment plan on bed bugs.
  • You can use steam for the ceiling, walls, baseboards, furniture, and other hard surfaces.
  • Never use steam for electric outlets.
  • Before using steam make sure to consult with your exterminator.
  • Never forget to wear a respirator to avoid accidental inhalation of toxic fumes. The chemicals applied on hard surfaces are vaporized by the steam cleaner.
  • For sensitive areas like finished flooring, try not to use high heat because they are prone to get damaged.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuums are more appropriate for dead bed bugs cleanup instead of actually killing them.

The major reason for this is that the vacuums lack the ability to reach their nests in nooks and crannies to dislodge the bugs. But that doesn’t make the vacuums useless. You can first scrape the infested areas using the end of your vacuum wand to pull up the eggs or they will be stuck otherwise.

To choose the best vacuum for bed bugs and other insects, you have two options:

  • Bagged vacuums
  • Bag-less vacuums

We recommend getting Bagged vacuums because they are effective for cleanup and the prime advantage is that the bag can be detached from the vacuum. Zipped up in a bag, and thrown out.

Bag-less vacuums are less-effective because they can be infested with bed bugs and their eggs. Therefore, an appropriate cleanup procedure of the canister and the brush attachment needs to be carried out with boiling water. Most importantly, there are more chances of getting the vacuum damaged if you are using diatomaceous earth or any other kind of fine powder in your attempt to kill bed bugs.

Cost of the equipment

Both the steam cleaners and vacuums are costly compared to other disposable pet control methods but they are rather a long term.

Handled machines can be cheaper in price but are prone to break faster which can be costly in the long run. Similarly, larger machines have a great initial cost but last for years.

Factors to Look For While Buying

Before you make a buying decision you need to be clear about certain things like:

Do you need a steam cleaner or a vacuum?
Are you looking for something that can disinfect surfaces?
Where you are going to use the equipment?
How long do you expect it to last

Let’s look at various factors to consider before purchasing.


Attachments are useful for finding the bed bugs in hard to reach areas or hidden in cracks and nooks.

For instance, if you find bed bugs in a crook near the ceiling, how can you reach them?

Can you hold a vacuum up to the curtains for a longer period of time? This is where attachments are helpful and they not only simplify the cleaning process but save tons of time and energy for exterminating pests.

If you are going to get a handheld device then there won’t be any attachments included with it.

For steam cleaners, a larger brush attachment is important to get to apply the steam over a large area. With smaller heads, the bed bugs will be pushed around due to the focused pressure on a single point which can lead to worse infestation.

Longevity and Durability

Steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners both have different functionalities and design. Either they are built for travel or to be handheld, which means smaller size and regular models. Typically, these won’t survive longer than a year or two.

On the other hand, larger models are sturdy, costly and they last for several years. They have bigger capacities of storing dirt and water that has no worries of refill. Large water container means fewer interruptions for heat treatment.


These are some of the questions customers frequently ask.

Can you vacuum up bed bugs?

Yes, you can remove them with a vacuum and regularly inspecting and vacuuming your mattress and box spring is the best way to minimize a large number of bed bugs quickly.

Can bed bugs crawl out of vacuums?

The possible reason for bed bugs to survive is the vacuum hose. Therefore, you should clean the vacuum to remove bed bugs once you’re done the cleaning so that they do not escape.

Final Words

Either you clean regularly or live in a mess you are always susceptible to bed bugs. You should expect bed bugs in the cleanest home. Sometimes the powerful sucking of the high-tech and high-speed vacuum is not enough and you might be able to see these organisms might be clinging to fabric seams of mattresses and furniture, rips or tears in fabric, and even deep wrinkles.

These creatures have hook-shaped toes and furs which makes them lingering to multiple surfaces, from granite and marble to mattresses. They are reddish-brown, oval-shaped, and do not fly and their nasty bites leave red, irritating bumps on your skin exposed at night while you sleep.

Vacuums are Safe to use around children and pets even the handheld models help you penetrate and investigate in deeper spaces where bed bugs bed bugs can sneak in through a tear in fabric and hide inside. You can easily use the vacuums on the stairs or on the carpets with fibers. But sometimes pests can crawl out of the dirt compartment which is a problem. For this problem you can wash the canister in very hot, soapy water to remove all fecal matter and mites.

You need to be careful while using steam cleaners. If you can see them with your naked eyes use protection for your skin as the high temperature can be dangerous for your skin, or other people close to you. Steam cleaners are also effective to sterilize areas to kill harmful insects but they just kill them where vacuums capture them. The boiler can lift dirt, grease, grime, and stains virtually from every surface and makes your mattress, box springs, couches, armchairs, and even piles of clothing bed-bugs free.

If you want to treat your home for bed bugs, you choose any one of the above-mentioned machines in average price. Instead of spending on spray better spend on these machines to take control of bed bugs.

This 5 Best Bed Bug Vacuums & Steamers ( Solution ) Updated article explains different vacuum cleaners for bed bugs and help you choose the right one for your needs.

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