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πŸ₯‡Top 5 Best Dyson Vacuum Reviews 2024

best dyson vacuum


Looking for the best Dyson vacuum cleaner, best Dyson vacuums cleaner reviews in 2024? Have a look at our collection below.

Dyson is one of the most popular and trusted vacuum cleaner manufacturers in the market.

Because their vacuums are equipped with strong suction, cyclonic technology, bagless, and a whole range of features that make cleaning easier and more effective.

But, choosing the right Dyson vacuum is tough from the whole range of models available.

In this article, I have listed a few high-quality Dyson vacuums ranging from low cost to expensive to help you make a better decision.

That said, let’s see our top Dyson picks for 2024.

Best Dyson Vacuums 2024

Table of Contents

This comparison chart helps you quickly check our best Dyson vacuums of 2024.

Dyson VacuumsHEPA FilterRatingCheck Price
Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2
Editor's Pick
Yes9.9/10 Check Price
Dyson V8 AbsoluteYes9.8/10 Check Price
Dyson V6 MotorheadYes9.6/10 Check Price
Dyson DC65 Animal
Editor's Pick
Yes9.4/10 Check Price
Dyson V6 AnimalNo9.7/10 Check Price
Dyson Ball Multifloor UprightYes9.5/10 Check Price
Dyson DC40 OriginYes9.2/10 Check Price
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + AllergyYes9/10 Check Price

Dyson Vacuum Reviews

Without further ado let’s get into these Dyson vacuum reviews 2024.

1. Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2Β 

dyson multifloor

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 is the champion when it comes to cleaning floors and picking up pet hairs.

Don’t get fooled by the lower price tag (under $300), this upright vacuum offers unbeatable suction, flawless performance, allergy reduction technology without filters and plenty of other useful feature.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty…

The common issue with most vacuums is dragging and moving around. But, this vacuum is easy to steer and move as it features the ball design that makes it almost self-propelled.

But that’s not all…

The ergonomic handle is specifically designed and positioned for comfortable carrying.

The wand makes high and low cleaning breeze.

Here’s how:

To clean the areas where the ball head won’t fit you can release the wand and use it as a handheld. Similarly, you can quick draw the wand that expands to reach for stairs, drapes, upholstery and other difficult to reach places.


carrying the vacuum


As you can see it’s easy to maneuver, comfortable to clean high places, and incredibly lightweight to carry.

And on top of that…

This vacuum uses the latest Radial Root Cyclone technology to provide incredible suction power and trap more dirt and dust in no time.

If your dog sheds hairs constantly, you’ll love this vacuum as it’s motorized brush bar removes all the pet hairs effectively.



Keep reading…

The motorized cleaner head automatically adjusts according to the floor and carpet types.

The built-in HEPA filter captures microscopic pollen, mold, and bacteria so that you don’t breath in what was in your carpets.

But that’s not all…

It’s approved by the British Allergy Foundation, means ideal for those having allergies with dust and mold.

This bagless upright vacuum is the lowest price top-of-the-line Dyson vacuum cleaner available and you can check price yourself.

Overall, Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 is an excellent choice that offers plenty of features, outstanding performance can win any challenge you throw at it. It worthwhile investing in this strong machine.


Thing's We Like
  • Incredible suction power
  • Works smoothly on hardwood and carpet
  • Light and nimble
  • Inexpensive
Thing's We Didn't Like
  • Struggles on high pile or plush carpet
  • Monthly filter maintenance

2. Dyson V8 Absolute

dyson v8The Dyson V8 Absolute is the best cordless vacuum by Dyson and brings a stronger V8 motor which gives extra suction power for cleaning, a 40 minutes battery life and 27% larger dustbin.

It also includes the latest dust ejector system, bigger battery indicator, and much quieter than all other models reviewed.

The biggest feature of this vacuum is the dust ejection system which cleans and scrapes the dust.

The motorhead floor tool helps cleaning rugs and carpets as corded upright does.

It’s partially handheld but weights almost similar to handheld vacuums and it also has HEPA Filtration system, Docking station, Mini Soft Dusting brush, Mini motorized tool for upholstery, card and pet hairs, and Motorized Floor tool and Fluffy soft roller tool.

Key Features

  • It’s Cord-Free so can be taken anywhere in the home for cleaning.
  • Helpful for removing pet hairs.
  • Max power mode for 7 minutes.
  • Crevice tool for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.
  • Can clean continuously for up to 40 minutes.
  • HEPA filter helps to breathe in clean air by capturing allergens and expels in the air.
  • Has direct-drive cleaner head which goes deeper for removing more dirt from the carpet.

All these handfuls of features make it one of the best Dyson cordless vacuum of 2018 to buy.
Thing's We Like
  • Docking System makes it easy to store and charge.
  • Max Power Mode which gives the highest suction for 7 minutes.
  • HEPA Filtration cleans the air for breathing.
  • Cordless as well as handheld.
Thing's We Didn't Like
  • Power button needed to be held as long as you are cleaning

3. Dyson V6 Motorhead

dyson v6Dyson V6 Motorhead is a top-rated stick vacuum, it’s powerful enough to give 20 minutes of suction power and a direct-drive cleaner head which converts it into a hand vac allowing you to clean efficiently even in small spaces.

This stick vacuum by Dyson does the fantastic job on stairs, pet hair removal cleans hard floors and carpets amazingly.

A minor drawback is its short battery life but overall it’s the favorite vacuum for the consumers and affordable pick.

Dyson V6 Motorhead is a top-rated stick vacuum that works fantastic on stairs, Cleans carpeting and hard floors, clean efficiently in small spaces and get rid of pet hairs with help of powerful suction and a direct-drive cleaner head. You can also use it as hand vac.

When we say V8 is absolutely incredible it’s on a purpose like the HEPA allergy filtration for comfortable breathing without inhaling the allergens, outstanding performance with excellent suction power to clean all flooring types as well as deals with messes of pets, kids, and adults all of these things makes it an elite carpet or hardwood vacuum.

So if you already have a traditional vacuum them replace your vacuum make the investment to purchase the best in vacuum technology which picks up large and small debris, deep cleans carpet and hard floors, transforms into a handheld, which is allergy and pet proof.

Why V8 is top of the line vacuum because it’s quiet, powerful and cleans your home without disturbing pets or kids by doing an excellent job of getting pet hair out of carpets, picking up the dirt particles your furry friends may track in from the yard.

Key Features

  • V6 gives continuous suction for up to 20 minutes.
  • Direct-drive cleaner head helps cleaning carpets by going deeper inside.
  • Crevice tool allows it to clean hard-to-reach areas and narrow spaces.
  • Wireless makes it comfortable while cleaning.
  • Docking station makes it easy to store and charge.

Thing's We Like
  • Mini soft dusting brush helps cleaning small devices.
  • Can be turned into handheld version easily.
  • Can be used for floor as well as ceiling cleaning.
Thing's We Didn't Like
  • Plugging into the surge protector can be harmful for the motor

4. Dyson DC65 Animal

dyson dc65 animalThe Dyson CD65 is a powerful bagless upright vacuum and comes with plenty of attachments, like a tangle-free turbine, stair tool and a number of carpet cleaning brushes even for hard floors and stairs to clean them effectively and easily.

As its name suggests it’s an excellent vacuum for pet hair but also goes a good job of hardwood, tile and carpeted flooring. On the other hand, it lacks durability, not lightweight it’s heavy and the turbine makes noise.

Dyson DC65 is a best bagless upright Dyson DC65 Animal which offers a variety of attachments including stair tool, a tangle-free turbine, several different brushes to clean carpeting, stairs and hard floors easily and effectively.

It’s great for hardwoods, tile, and carpeted flooring and remove pet hairs efficiently but have some snags like it’s heavy and cumbersome and turbine tool is noisy.

Key Features

  • Radial Root Cyclone technology gives powerful suction.
  • Self-cleaning cleaner head adjusts itself according to the floor type.
  • Tangle-free turbine tool.
  • Ball technology makes it easy to move and clean difficult places.
  • Best Vacuum for multi-surface cleaning.

Thing's We Like
  • Easy to move due to ball technology.
  • Best For cleaning hardwood floors and pet hairs.
Thing's We Didn't Like
  • Plastic body is not that strong.

5. Dyson V6 Animal

dyson v6 animalThe 4.5-pound stick vac Dyson V6 is another great Dyson vacuum which excels at everything from pet hair removal to carpet and hardwood floor.

It does make little noise but that’s not that biggest problem it does the cleaning efficiently but it does.

It’s relatively low budget also and helps cleaning the larger areas easily by holding with a stick.

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can deal with long hairs or pet hairs, then V6 is an ideal option because it’s designed specially to deal with hairs problems.

Key Features

  • Cordless makes it easy to move and clean.
  • Can be used for up to 20 minutes for cleaning on battery.
  • Direct-drive cleaner head takes the bristles deeper inside the carpet to eliminate dirt.
  • Mini motorized tool helps cleaning pet hairs and ground-in dirt.
  • Handheld as well as cordless.
  • Best for cleaning hardwood floor and ceiling.

Thing's We Like
  • Docking station.
  • Hassle-free as it’s cordless.
Thing's We Didn't Like
  • Battery might create issue after few months.

6. Dyson Ball Multi floor Upright

Dyson Ball Multi Floor UprightThe upright Dyson Ball Multi Floor gives great home cleaning with its powerful suction ability and self-adjusting cleaner head and includes an instant-release wand for cleaning hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Again it’s best for stairs and hard flooring. Don’t use it on plush carpeting, and not for pet hair removal as it doesn’t contain tangle-free turbine tool.

Using ball technology it’s easily maneuvered around and offers powerful suction, self-adjusting cleaner head, and an instant-release wand for cleaning hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

Not recommended to use on plush carpeting but good for pet hair removal.

Key Features

  • Self-adjusting head works on all surfaces.
  • HEPA filtration captures all allergens and bacteria.
  • Re-engineered especially to clean carpets effectively.
  • Ball technology makes it easy to move.
  • Hygienic bin emptying with just one button push.
  • Instant wand releasing makes it easy cleaning the section on height.

Thing's We Like
  • Makes cleaning much easier.
  • Lightweight.
Thing's We Didn't Like
  • Price tag is bit higher.

7. Dyson DC40 Origin

Dyson DC40 OriginIf we discuss the ideal, lightweight and easy to maneuver which does the equal job on the hardwood floor and carpets its none other than the great Dyson DC40 Origin.

It’s self-adjusting cleaner head which can easily move between different surfaces easily.

The ball technology Dyson makes it easy to clean tight spaces. It doesn’t do a good job on stairs and ineffective on pet hair.

It’s another bagless Dyson Vacuum and found no difficulty in moving between different surfaces, easy to steer into tight spaces as it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Most effective on carpets and hard flooring but ineffective on pet hair as well as stairs.

Key Features

  • Radial Root Cyclone technology gives powerful suction and captures more dirt compared with others.
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head makes it work on all surfaces and floors.
  • Ball technology makes it easy to move using wrists.
  • Increased durability due to ABS and polycarbonate construction.
  • 5-Year warranty.
  • Brings stair tool and other accessories.

Thing's We Like
  • Higher bin capacity.
  • Easy to move with ball technology.
  • Compared with DC41 complete only brings stail tool.
Thing's We Didn't Like
  • Opening for the suction is smaller.

8. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball AnimalThe Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy is the lightest vacuum which features a powerful brush bar, easily detachable hose and wand for awkward jobs it’s latest filterless technology make it never lose suction.

It’s quite effective for hardwood floors and carpets and its dust canister is easy to clean. This one is also not good for stairs and animal hairs.

This Best Dyson Canister Vacuum has a conventional exterior is labeled as superb Dyson product. When done vacuuming the retractable cord will automatically get inside.

This floor cleaner can deal with Dirt on laminate and area rugs alike will be sucked. It’s worth purchasing this vacuum and it’s larger than life canister.

The final vacuum in our list of Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy which comes with a powerful brush bar, easily detachable hose. Makes user of filterless technology and never loses suction. You need to know how well it cleans across various surfaces, ease of use, durability, and noise. But you will surely see vacuum’s performance on carpet and hard floors, including hardwood, bare, tile, and vinyl as it doesn’t have much weight and cord length and its easy to operate to clean up pet hair and debris and the best part is emptying or cleaning it out the dust bin.

Key Features

  • Dyson Cinetic science .
  • No filters needed.
  • Best Dyson Vacuum for pets.
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head.
  • Dyson Ball technology for maneuverability.
  • HEPA filtration.

Thing's We Like
  • Makes cleaning much easier.
  • Lightweight.
Thing's We Didn't Like
  • Price tag is bit higher.

Dyson Vacuum Buying Guide

Buying a Dyson vacuum is easy when you know about whole range of models and can differentiate between which one is best for you and then you can pick the perfect model and for that all the necessary information is provided in this buyer guide to pick a vacuum with whole range of features that make cleaning easier and more effective.

Types of Dyson Vacuums

The primary types of Dyson vacuum on the market are Cordless, handheld, canister and upright.

Upright: Upright Dyson vacuums are mid-range vacuums having large capacities, quicker for dealing with big areas and best for lifting pet hairs from deep carpets they have a suction head at their very bottom as well as a handle at the top to push to vacuum back and forth. But, these are heavier compared with different types and not good for tackling stairs and corners without using the hose.

Canister : Canister Dyson vacuums are lighter and easier to move compared with upright models, quiet and good at getting dirt from nooks and crannies with the help of filters, motor and dust chamber where dirt is collected and all of these things are located in the main body of the appliance as well as a cleaning head on the end of a flexible hose. But they take longer to vacuum large spaces.

Cordless: Cordless Dyson vacuums are vacuums that work without cord means they work on a rechargeable battery and are good at sucking up animal hair, easy to vacuum cars or outbuildings eliminating the hassle out of vacuuming. Though they are good but having limited battery life makes them less powerful and could not perform as strong as corded models are for longer times.

Handheld: Handheld Dyson Vacuums are most comfortable Dyson vacuums as they are small dustbuster type units specifically designed for small cleaning tasks but they are perfect for spot cleaning or upholstery as they are extremely portable. But on the other hand, they have a small capacity.

So buying the best Dyson vacuum is a bit challenging when you have several options available. If you want answers to the questions like What to look for in a Dyson vacuum, Which Dyson to go with, what kind of vacuum for example, corded or cordless? How heavy it should be which you can manage easily? and the list goes on.

The major of yours should be what kind of vacuum fits the bill either its stick vacuum, canister vacuum, a hand vacuum, or an upright from Dyson.

Stick Vacuums: They are small light and easy to maneuver
Canister Vacuums: They are large and corded vacuums and most good for deep cleaning or carpets.
Hand Vacuum: They are used for hard-to-reach areas cleaning, hidden areas in your home and keep your car tidy.

If it’s your first time purchasing the Dyson vacuum then you might need to know a few details about Dyson vacuum and technology used in them to make a better investment for the money. These points will help you know what is the best Dyson vacuum.

Dyson Cinetic Science

This latest Dyson technology uses special rubber tips on the ends of each cyclone which then oscillates at 5,000 times per second to filter the dust particles and eliminate the filter. This means Cinetic vacuums doesn’t require any filter cleaning or replacement.

Root Cyclone

This technology adopts the most powerful centrifugal forces to separate dust from the air. The Dyson cylinder machines have three distinct stages of cyclonic separation which are engineered in a way to capture smaller particles.

Radial Root Cyclone

This is also the latest technology used by Dyson in which airflows maximize suction power. These refinements help to remove pet hair, dust, and allergens.

Best Dyson Vacuum For Pet Hair

Almost all Dyson upright and canister vacuums can do a perfect job of pet removal, as they have extra tools like mini turbo brush which helps getting rid of pet hair problems. These kind of vacuums are Dyson Animal or Absolute Vacuums. Few of the best pet har vacs are Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum, Dyson Cinetic Animal Upright, Dyson Animal 2 Ball Upright with highest suction power.

Lifetime HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter in vacuums deals with allergies to dust. It will remove the smallest particles of dust and dirt and pet hair saving you breathing them while vacuuming. The common vacuums with these features are Dyson V6 and Dyson V8.

Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Comparing with Dyson’s competitors it’s cordless vacuums have more suction power. RRC technology keeps the filter clean, unlike most other competitors vacuums which require the cleaning of filter regularly. These are the Dyson V6, V7, and V8.

Dust Ejection System

This system empties the bin and cleans the bin and screens at the same time. This technology is found in Dyson V7 and Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuums.

Battery Life

The vacuum with larger and highest battery life among all Dyson Vacuums is Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum with 40 minutes of battery backup. The longest battery power than all.

Cyclone Technology

Some old school traditional vacuums which loose suction cannot stay longer in the homes. For that modern technology-based vacuums using strong cyclones and powerful filters which deliver effective cleaning and separate easily the smaller particles from the larger one efficiently. There is also no need to clean the filter more often because they are much effective and allows you to get powerful suction for a long time span with the longest cleaning sessions.

The most powerful vacuums bring fast and flexible tips which vibrate and avoid clogging at all. Just empty the bin and let the vacuum do the job.

Self Adjusting Heads

Self-adjusting heads make the vacuum to work on any surface because the fix their height according to the type of surface you clean. So while buying any best Dyson vacuum make sure that it features this superior cleaning capability for cleaning different types of floor.

Suction Air watts

Dyson measures suction power in AirWatts (AW) and you can easily compare the suction power. The higher numbers are the more suction happening there. The one that has big suction capacity is Dyson Animal 2 Upright with 270 Airwatts suction power.

Extension Hose

Extension Hose allows the consumers to clean floor and carpet as well as upholstery, stairs, walls, debris, and drapes. This feature is available in Dyson Upright and Canister vacuums.

Difference between Dyson DC65 models

Which is the main difference between Dyson vacuums like Dyson DC65, Animal Complete, Animal or Multi-Floor basically they are identical from the body? The difference is only of color and accessories.

Overall the best vacuum according to features, specifications, and purposes like pet hairs and floors the popular Dyson V8 is the recommended choice which is durable, reliable and affordable.

If you have figured out a vacuum that meets your requirements then don’t hesitate to pay few dollars extra, as it will be worth having a vacuum which offers everything you want rather than fighting over the expensive and inexpensive price tags. There are few low-cost vacuums but durability is a prime concern of a vacuum. Get the best budget and affordable cleaning machine for your home from the list given above.

If you are prone to sneezing and wheezing after a light dusting then getting a cheap vacuum would result in buying you an inhaler to avoid allergens. If you have pets in your home then a vacuum should be optimized for pets as well as for other tasks. So now you can get a single vacuum with more cleaning power and spend less money by following our guidelines.

Finally, the Dyson vacuum reviews are enough to help you pick a top nice, ideal and favorite vacuum as Dyson has a terrific reputation of having the best quality vacuums which can be pricey as well as inexpensive vacuums.

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Dyson is the most popular brand of vacuum cleaner in the world and offer number of great vacuums for cleaning pet hairs, hardwood floors, tile floors, and cars. But from these different types of vacuums which one is the best vacuum according to price, performance, qualities and features?How would you pick the top Dyson vacuum out of these models? Keeping this thing in mind we have crafted this list of top-rated Dyson vacuums to help you pick the right one. You can get the best budget and best quality vacuums for dogs, floors, carpets, and sofas. Follow along with these best Dyson vacuum reviews and get the nice vacuum machines with less-effort.

If you have shag carpet then you can choose your best vacuum for shag carpet and if you have hard floors then you can choose best vacuum for hardwood floors.


I am excited to share this guide with you because in this guide I have provided all the information you need to buy your best Dyson vacuum cleaner.

This ultimate guide makes it very easy for you to decide which model or type of Dyson vacuum you should get according to your budget and your requirements like dog hairs, carpets, hardwood floors, and so on.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

Ultra High-End Dyson

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Dyson V11 Torque Drive is the newest model and so far the best Dyson vacuum ever because it is the improved version of all previous vacuums by Dyson. It offers a 60 minutes run time, gives intelligent suction, and brings a plethora of accessories along. The V11 is equipped with a powerful motor that delivers 185 AW of suction power. Without any second thought, Dyson V11 is incredible but comes at an expensive price tag, but if you are budget-conscious you should get for Dyson V10 or Dyson V8.

Best Dyson Vacuum Reviews

The following table lists only the best vacuums by Dyson along with their type, price, features and a composite average score for each vacuum.

Now it’s time to discuss every major Dyson model available on the market.

It’s going to be a very long guide, so you can simply jump to the conclusion or keep reading.

Let’s do this…

The 8 Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Best Dyson Overall – Dyson V10

The Dyson V10 is the new model Plus the best Dyson vacuum. It belongs to the V-series line that also includes some other popular vacuums like Dyson V11, V8, V7, and V6 ( All discussed below ).


  • The Dyson V10 delivers exceptional cleaning performance across different floor types.
  • It can be used as stick as well as a handheld that makes it versatile enough to deal with different spots like under furniture, high up, mattresses, upholstery, etc.
  • The V10 is a cordless as well as the wireless model that comes with a lithium-ion battery that gives 60 minutes of run despite the powerful motor or using the vacuum on ultra-deep clean mode.
  • The V10 offers 3 variable suction levels allowing you to gain complete control over the suction and this way, you can also save some suction power to extend the battery life as well.

The downside of V10 is the expensive price tag which can be the biggest issue for some people. Well, if you really want a top-end vacuum then don’t hesitate to spend.

Which Dyson V10 model is the best?

The Dyson V10 comes in 3 different variations, the Dyson V10 Absolute, Dyson V10 Animal, and the Dyson V10 Motorhead. So, which Dyson V10 model is best for you?

I am going to discuss three of these vacuums, in a nutshell, to make it easier for you to make a decision according to your budget and requirements.

Dyson V10 Absolute

The V10 Absolute is a high-quality vacuum that comes with the largest dust bin and a handful of accessories. On top of that, it brings both the multi-surface cleaning head (Torque Drive), along with a soft roller cleaning head also called Fluffy head which is suitable for hard surfaces. These premium features make the V10 Absolute ideal if you want to clean hard surfaces, carpets, or pet hairs.

Dyson V10 Animal

The V10 Animal comes with all the same accessories as the V10 Absolute. The only difference between in V10 is that it lacks a soft roller head. So the multi-surface cleaning head allows you to clean pet hairs as well as carpet efficiently not hard floors.

Dyson V10 Motorhead

The V10 Motorhead is the most basic version of the V10. It comes with a smaller dust bin and brings basic accessories. It lacks the Torque Drive cleaning head but comes with a Direct Drive cleaning head that is used in V8. So the V10 Motorhead is

Best Smart Vacuum – Dyson V11 Torque Drive

The Dyson V11 Torque Drive is the most recent and newest model by Dyson that came in March 2021. Dyson intentionally made V11 the most advanced vacuum with the strongest suction and a run time of 60 minutes.


  • The V11 offers 60 minutes of run time which is sufficient for most homes
  • The V11 boasts an LCD screen that gives an indication of the current cleaning mode, remaining cleaning tie, and also holds short maintenance videos.
  • The V11 provides intelligent suction which means that it automatically adjusts the suction according to the floor and debris type. So in different situations, you will get the right amount of suction that is required.
  • The V11 can generate 185 AW of suction power on Boost mode which is the highest than any other cordless stick vacuum available.

The downside of the V11 is the expensive price tag. Although it brings advanced and cool features that come at a great price.

What Dyson V11 Model is Best?

Like the V10 the Dyson V11 has two versions the Dyson V11 Torque Drive and the V11 Animal. Let me describe both vacuums, in a nutshell, to make it easy for you to understand the difference between them.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

The V11 Torque Drive is a high-end version of the V11 that comes with an extra dusting brush compared to the Animal. Similarly, the V11 has a full LCD screen on the back side allowing you to monitor the remaining battery life, current cleaning mode, and also watch maintenance videos.

Dyson V11 Animal

The Dyson V11 Animal has a similar design to the V11 Torque Drive and instead of the LCD screen, it has a more basic LED icon system for different indications. Similarly, it lacks a mini soft dusting brush. But all other things including performance, suction power, battery, and accessories are identical with V11 Torque Drive.

Best Dyson for Pets – Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright

Some of the most popular Dyson vacuums belong the well-known Dyson Ball series. Even many consumers think of the Dyson and “ball” as synonymous with each other. That said, the most well-known vacuum from the Ball series is the Dyson Ball Animal 2 upright.


  • This vacuum delivers the strongest suction according to Dyson.com. And Dyson makes this claim based on the ASTM F558 test, an industry standard for testing vacuum’s performance.
  • It’s a high-quality upright vacuum that brings a variety of attachments that not only make the vacuum versatile but also make cleaning easier.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty which depicts that the vacuums are durable, reliable and meant to long last. So no doubts on reliability, adaptability, and versatility.
  • It comes with necessary tools like enough suction power, instant-release wants, self-adjusting cleaning head, and mini brush roll to dominate pet hairs completely.

The downside with the Dyson Ball Animal 2 is the strongest suction which can be harmful to super thick carpets. The hard sucking can be difficult to move or put extra strain on the motor.

Dyson V10 Animal

The V10 Animal offers a generous run time of 60 minutes, variable suction, cordless convenience, and adaptability to handle different cleaning situations(thanks to a range of tools, attachments, and accessories). The V10 is preferred due to variable suction allowing you to tackle difference surfaces unlike the Dyson Ball Animal 2 with too much suction.

Dyson V8 Animal

The V8 Animal is similar to the V10 Animal and Ball 2 Upright for the best pet vacuum. It’s identical to V10 in features but gives lower suction and shorter run time than V10 as well as save you a couple of hundred bucks over the V10. Plus, offers variable suction making it great for high pile carpets.

More Dyson Vacuums For Pets

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is not the only strongest vacuum for removing pet hairs, there are many other best Dyson for pets as well.

Let’s discuss some good Dyson Vacuum cleaners for pet owners.

Best Upright Vacuum – Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 is a best upright Dyson and the send-adjusting head makes it a great all-rounder machine. What makes it ideal across different floor types is the incredible 250 AW (air watts) suction, and a 31′ long cord to cover a long distance without worrying about changing outlets.


  • The Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 with 250 AW of suction power is still below the 305 AW by the Animal 2 but still, suck up almost everything and gets the job done efficiently.
  • It weighs around 15.6 pounds which is a bit heavy so, it’s not a lightweight machine. But, the ball design makes mobility much easier.
  • Multi Floor 2 is the most affordable Dyson upright vacuum. Neither cheap nor expensive but a reasonable price tag with all necessary features.
  • It offers washable filters which ultimately reduces the maintenance cost.

The downside with the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 is the more suction like the Animal 2. As mentioned earlier, the higher the suction power, the more it will struggle on the carpet.

Other Great Upright Dyson Vacuums

Here are few great upright vacuums by Dyson, these are not the #1 pick, but are worthy to be in the list great upright vacs.

Dyson Ball Animal 2

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 has the most powerful suction which is good for pets, making it a worthy mention for best upright. So if you are a pet owner and looking for a great upright, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 is for you.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor is a solid vacuum that comes with all the same accessories and features like self-adjusting head, extendable wand, ball turning, and HEPA filtration. Everything is pretty much similar to the Multi Floor 2 except the lowest price tag. Yes, it’s notably less expensive but loaded with similar features of Ball Multi Floor 2.

Best Cordless Vacuum – Dyson V8 Absolute

Honestly, V10 earns the title of best overall Dyson vacuum as well as the best cordless vacuums but the Dyson V8 is a nearly equally good option that makes its place in the list of best cordless vacuums due to the lower price tag but similar features and performance the V10.

The Dyson V8 also shares the legendary status like the Dyson Ball lineup. Even it’s been a popular machine for several years for incredible performance, convenience, and cost.


  • The V8 delivers impressive cleaning performance similar to the V10.
  • The V8 can be used in regular as well as MAX mode. For tough jobs, you can use it on MAX mode and for easy jobs you can use on regular mode which also conserve battery time.
  • The V8 is a super user-friendly vacuum like other stick vacuums.

A minor downside with the V8 is the 40 minutes of run time which is shorter than the V10 but the lower price tag justifies it. The price of V8 is constantly decreasing after the arrival of V10. But still V8 is not that cheaper, but the value is certainly there.

Other Great Dyson Cordless Vacuums

Dyson has been constantly improving their vacuums in cordless vacuums category by producing excellent vacuums every year. The Dyson V-series has brought revolution by producing V6, V7, V8, V10 and now V11 and still busy making the best cordless Dyson vacuums.

These are the best cordless vacuums out there in the market by Dyson.

Dyson V10

The Dyson V10 is the top-of-the-line stick vacuum that after the V10 launch, the founder of Dyson said: “The Dyson V10 is why I’ve stopped developing corded vacuums.”

Dyson V8

The Dyson V8 shares performance and features with the V10 and considerably less expensive. Brings all important features that a cordless vacuum should have in a reasonable amount of money.

Dyson V6

The Dyson V6 (Discussed in details below) is the most basic version of the V-Series and a great replacement of corded vacuums.

Best Budget Vacuum – Dyson V6 Cord Free

The Dyson V6 is an older model which is less powerful compared to the V8 and V10, however, it deliver best value and there’s no better than this.


  • The Dyson V6 is arguably the most affordable cord-free vacuum.
  • Flawless cleaning performance but struggles with large debris like cereal, but that can be handled by Fluffy soft roller cleaning head or simple using the vacuum as a handheld.
  • The V6 is a user-friendly, convenient, and versatile vacuum. And brings a variety of accessories like the V8 and the V10.

A shorter tune time of 20 minutes, but for the price point you have to give up something. Similarly, the V6 comes with a more basic multi-surface cleaning head instead of the Direct Drive and Torque Drive cleaning heads.

Other Budget Vacuums from Dyson

To be fair, the majority of consumers don’t think Dyson as a “budget” brand. This is true at some level, but, there are some good vacuums available that can be bought at a budget price.

Dyson V6 Cord Free

The Dyson V6 is a most popular budget Dyson vacuum that brings many features of the V-series but has smaller dust bin, shorter run time, and a basic cleaning head. Whereas, the suction power is 100 AW.

Dyson V6 HEPA

The Dyson V6 HEPA is another budget cordless vacuum that also comes with a HEPA filter. The addition of the HEPA filter just makes the value that much better.

Dyson V7 Motorhead

The Dyson V7 motorhead is a slightly expensive but a nice step over the V6 models. Furthermore, it delivers powerful suction, brings larger dust bin and longer run time, Plus advanced Direct Drive brushroll, making it a worthwhile investment.

Best Canister Vacuum – Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister

In the race of canister vacuums, Dyson may not be popular, but the Big Ball Multi Floor is definitely competition with more traditional canister vacuum brands like Miele and others.


  • The Dyson Multi Floor is surprisingly maneuverable and it’s self-right design allows it to make turns and easily follow you where ever your drag it.
  • It has reusable lifetime filter and bags so no maintenance costs.
  • It offers 250 AW suction which is excellent and nearly identical to Multi Floor 2.
  • It comes in a 5-year warranty for both parts and labor.

As already mentioned many times that the high-suction vacuums struggle with high pile carpets and for cleaning such carpets, you should go with V8 or V10 because they offer variable suction.

Some Great Dyson Canister Vacuums

There are some canister vacuums by Dyson but cannot be labeled as best Dyson canister vacuums. But they are worthy of getting an honorable mention.

Dyson Cinetic Animal Canister

Dyson Cinetic Animal is an excellent canister vacuum and pretty much does everything like the Big Ball Multi Floor and also comes with a cyclonic design which is a step up. Furthermore, it brings a set of accessories, like a Tangle-free Turbine tool for pet hairs and stubborn dirt brush, and some basic accessories like combination tool, stair tool, turbine tool, etc. The best part? It works without filters and bags.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor Canister

You must be wondering why this looks so similar… We’d like to know too. But note that this is the regular sized ball within the Multi Floor Canister, as opposed to the Big Ball. So the difference between both is slight. This unit is relatively inexpensive.

Best Handheld Vacuum – Dyson V7 Trigger

The Dyson V7 Trigger is a standalone handheld vacuum that is super portable and designed to provide convenience to clean hard-to-reach places where you upright of the canister cannot go.


  • The V7 Trigger is a cordless vacuum that has a sizable battery which lasts for 30 minutes but provides a ton of power.
  • The V7 brings a variety of tools, attachments, and accessories.
  • The V7 comes with a 2-years warranty which is shorter than canister Dyson vacuums but good for a battery powered handheld.

The downside with the V7 is that it that the range of accessories and powerful suction come at the expensive price tag. If the price is a concern for you, then you should go with Dyson V7 stick vacuum that comes with the same body, battery, Plus can be used as a stick and handheld.

More Great Dyson Handheld Vacuums

There are not plenty of handheld vacuums by Dyson, but few are worthy to consider.

Dyson V6 Trigger

The V6 Trigger is nearly identical to the V7 Trigger and offers similar features and performance. The V6 Trigger can handle most debris types as well as floor types but struggles with larger debris like cereal which definitely V7 Trigger faces.

Dyson V-Series

The Dyson V-series vacuums can be configured to use the same vacuum as for a regular stick vacuum or a portable handheld vacuum. Similarly, the tools and features they bring make them versatile for different floor types and debris types.

Dyson Cordless Stick Reviews

Without any doubt, the V-series if the most popular type of lineup by Dyson.

James Dyson, was even recently quoted saying β€œthis is why I’ve stopped developing corded vacuums”.

Dyson engineers have been successful in developing the latest technology and micro-engines which are not only smaller but efficient and have pushed the corded vacuums to the brink of end.

Dyson V11

The Dyson V11 is equipped with a powerful battery and offers 185 AW of suction power for continuously an hour. It brings a variety of accessories, tools, and attachments making it a versatile vacuum.

Furthermore, the V11 comes with intelligent suction that detects floor type and debris type and adjusts the suction according to that. Similarly, a large LCD screen behind the vacuum gives different indications like run time, cleaning mode and maintenance videos. The Dyson V11 Torque Drive wins the title of being the most advanced and smart vacuum by Dyson. Here’s the full Dyson V11 Review for you.

Dyson V10

The Dyson V10 cordless stick vacuum offers 60 minutes run time which is not the longest but still enough to clean the entire home. The V10 also has the biggest change to the overall body style (redesigned).

The V10 has an in-line configuration between the cleaning head, wand, dust bin, and cyclone suction system. The V10 delivers stronger suction of 140 AW and makes it easier and more hygienic to empty the dust bin. The stick is slightly longer and using handheld feels a bit awkward as well. Here’s the complete V10 Review.

Dyson V8

The Dyson V8 is an older model than V10 that comes with a wall mounted docking station and brings both the Direct Drive cleaning head and Fluffy head that is nice for hard floors or large debris. The V8 offers suction power of 115 AW and gives a run time of 40 minutes.

The V8 is equipped with a large dust bin with an advanced emptying design like the V7. And the biggest difference between the V8 and the early pack is the suction power. Here’s the complete V8 Review.

Dyson V7

The Dyson V7 is neither the most powerful not expensive but lies in the middle somewhere. It is close to the V6 regarding price and close to V8 regarding features. It comes with the same enhanced battery and quieter operation.

The V7 can clean continuously for 30 minutes versus the V6 that only lasts for 20 minutes. The V7 is equipped with Drive Drive cleaning head that is suitable for stronger cleaning power.

Dyson V6

The Dyson V6 stick vacuum offers similar power to the V6 handheld and brings additional tools, and accessories to run as a stick vacuum. It gives a run time of 60 minutes.

The accessories and tools include a wall-mounted docking station that allows easy charging and a combination tool which can be used as a crevice tool and dust brush.

Advanced sub-models like the V6 Fluffy or V6 Absolute are only equipped with additional accessories. But V6 is cordless but the most basic vacuum by Dyson.

Emptying the Dust Bins

A major difference between the V-series models is how the dust bins empty. Emptying dust bins have always been the most struggling part of the vacuum, But Dyson is continuously improving and developing better ways for this.

  • Dyson V6: The latch is released by the trigger, tight space makes it difficult to press the trigger
  • Dyson V7 & V8: You pull a latch-up by the cyclones, it’s a bit struggling.
  • Dyson V10 & V11: Slide a latch on the side, very easy but requires a decent amount of force.

Dyson Absolute vs. Animal vs. Fluffy Comparison

Both of these models have sub-models. Not all of these sub-models belong to V-series. Let’s see which sub-model belongs to where.

The distinctions between sub-models are the accessories.

For instance, if you like the V7 Animal but also want a longer run time, V10 Animal is your way to go.

Similarly, if you like V10 Absolute, but the cleaning surfaces are mostly hardwood floors, getting Dyson V6 Fluffy will not only get the job done efficiently because it has hardwood floor cleaning head but will save you some cash as well.

The table gives below demonstrates various popular sub-types.

Animal Motorhead HEPA Absolute Fluffy Torque Drive
Dyson V6 Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Dyson V7 Yes Yes Yes No No No
Dyson V8 Yes No No Yes No No
Dyson V10 Yes Yes No Yes No No
Dyson V11 Yes No No No No Yes


Animal vacuums bring Torque Drive cleaned head or Direct Drive cleaning head, wall-mounted dock, and charger. Accessories include a crevice tool, mini motorized tool, dusting brush, and a combination tool.


Includes a Direct Drive cleaning head, charger, wall-mounted dock. Accessories include a combination tool and a crevice tool.


Includes the Direct Drive cleaning head, charger, wall-mounted dock. Accessories include a crevice tool, combination tool. HEPA is only available in Dyson V6 and V7.


Includes the Torque Drive cleaning head or Direct Drive cleaning head, the soft roller “Fluffy” cleaning head, wall-mounted dock, charger. Comes with a combination tool, crevice tool, mini motorized tool, and dusting brush.


Comes with a soft roller “Fluffy” cleaning head, charger, wall-mounted dock. Tools include a crevice tool, combination tool, mini-motorized brush, dust brush. It’s a sub-model and comes in Dyson V6 and suitable for only wood floors.

Torque Drive

This is a top-end model equivalent to Absolute. In fact, almost similar to the Absolute and only available in V11.

These are some comparison articles for you.

Dyson V6 vs. V7 vs. V8. vs. V10 vs. V11
Dyson V10 vs. V11
Dyson V8 vs. V11
Dyson V8 vs. v10
Dyson V7 vs. V11
Dyson V7 vs. V10
Dyson V6 vs. V10
Dyson V6 vs. V8
Dyson V6 vs. V7
Dyson V7 vs. V8

If you have heard about Lammu docking station which is a third party accessory but equally helpful for you.

Dyson Handheld Reviews

Dyson pushed their stick vacuum models more but also kept slowly pushing exclusively handheld models. Although the stick models already serve both handheld and stick purpose already.

Let’s have a look at two lines of exclusive Dyson handhelds which are still popular-the Dyson V6 and V7 handhelds.

V6 Handheld

The Dyson V6 handheld is a small portable vacuum that runs with a trigger instead of on / off switches and gives a run time of 20 minutes. In this way, you can preserve battery life because the vacuum will only consume battery when you push the trigger.

The V6 is available in five different styles, each one designed to deal with specific situations and comes with a different selection of accessories, and different color palette.

V6 Top Dog

Dyson V6 Top Dog handheld vacuum

V6 Baby + Child

Dyson V6 Baby+Child handheld vacuum

V6 Mattress

Dyson V6 Mattress handheld vacuum

V6 Car + Boat

Dyson V6 Car+Boat handheld vacuum
  • Dyson V6 Trigger: A basic vacuum with the only a crevice tool.
  • Dyson V6 Top Dog: Come with additional tools like a mini-motorized tool, and stiff bristle brush.
  • Dyson V6 Baby+Child: Accessories of V6 Top Dog plus a wide nozzle upholstery brush.
  • Dyson V6 Mattress: Accessories of V6 Baby+Child plus a soft dusting brush, and HEPA filtration.
  • Dyson V6 Car+Boat: Comes with a dusting brush, crevice tool, mini-motorized brush, still bristle brush, and extension hose.

V7 Handheld

The Dyson V7 handheld and V6 both are similar, but the V7 has 30 minutes of run time and comes in two different styles, the Trigger or Car+Boat. Both vacuums differ in color and accessories.

  • Dyson V7 Trigger: This vacuum comes with a mini motorized tool, crevice tool, and combination tool.
  • Dyson V7 Car+Boat: It brings a car charger, extension hose, crevice tool, and mini motorized tool.

V7 Trigger

Dyson V7 Trigger handheld vacuum

V7 Car + Boat

Dyson V7 Car+Boat handheld vacuum

Dyson V6 Trigger vs. V7 Trigger

The Dyson handheld models resemble with the stick models. Even som stick vacuums can be used as a 2-in-1 with a detachable handheld vacuum.

The handled vacuums are battery-powered and use the same signature cyclonic power that is available in all other Dyson models.

It depends on your either you want a stick vacuum or just a handheld vacuum.

If by chance you made a decision of buying a handheld vacuum but then you realized you wanted a full stick vacuum, then you are covered, because Dyson also provides purple extension wand and upright vacuum head which you can buy separately and make your handled as the stick and convert it back into handheld anytime you want.

Dyson V6 Handheld Vacuum

The Dyson V6 handheld is a bit older model that comes in five different models: the Dyson Trigger, Top Dog, Baby+Child, Mattress, or Car+Boat.

All of these vacuums are equipped with a motorized roller head and a large dust bin of 0.4L and max power mode, but only deliver six minutes of run time in max power mode to deal with tough jobs.

The V6 overall delivers 20 minutes of run time. The upright/stick V6 vacuums bring charger, docking station which is wall-mounted.

All of these models differ in terms of accessories and all the accessories include extension hose, wide nozzle, upholstery tool, mini motorized turbine tool, soft dusting brush, and a crevice tool.

Dyson V7 Handheld Vacuum

The Dyson V7 handheld brings pretty much similar features to the V6 but upgraded. The V7 is the improved version of the V6 that is quieter at 70 decibels where v6 is loud at 81 dB.

The V7 is a lithium-ion battery powered vacuum but makes less noise.

The V7 boasts a dust bin of 0.5L which is bigger than the V6 and the emptying process is completely redesigned. The V6 dust bin hatch is opened from the bottom by a lever, sometimes dirt gets lodged around the filter.

Whereas the V7 has a simple level that you pull to release the hatch and slides the filter out, this way dust and debris never get lodged into the filter and goes directly into the trash. The V7 prevents the V6 problem.

If you are a pet owner, this features is very helpful for you.

Dyson Upright Reviews

Dyson Upright vacuums have always been the best choice for whole home cleaning, thanks to the powerful suction and larger dust bins.

Dyson upright vacuums include traditional uprights, compact uprights, and cinetic uprights

Note: Cinetic uprights uses advanced cyclones rather than filters to filter the dust. So, cinetic vacuums eliminate the chore of replacing or washing dirty filters.

Dyson Traditional Upright Vacuums

Traditional upright vacuum cleaners are more powerful, have a variety of accessories, and are heavier weighing from 15-18 pounds.

Dyson Ball Animal 2: Comes with combination tool, stair tool, 2-liter dust bin capacity, mini-motorized turbine tool and offers 270 AW of suction power.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean: Includes all Dyson Ball Animal 2 tools listed above, Plus reach-under tool, multi-angle brush, carbon fiber soft dusting brush, tool bag, articulating hardwood floor, mattress too, and turbine tool.

Dyson Ball Allergy: Comes with HEPA filtration to deal with allergens which are good for allergy sufferers and sensitive to fine particulate, 270 AW of suction power, huge dust bin or 2 liters, dusting brush, reach under tool, mattress tool, stair tool, and a combination tool.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2: A lightweight vacuum than all above and brings a stair tool, combination tool, 1.6-liter dust bin and a 247 AW of suction power.

Overall, Dyson upright vacuums are versatile because of a handful of accessories they come with. They can beat Shark upright vacuums easily.

Dyson Compact Upright Vacuums

Compact upright vacuums have a retractable wand for easier storage, but they are lightweight and easy to move and store. Of course, with the lighter weight also comes a bit less suction power and a small dust bin, unlike full-size models.

Dyson Ball Compact Allergy: This model comes with a soft dusting brush, mattress tool, crevice tool, small upholstery tool, HEPA filtration, and weighs about 11.6 pounds which is lighter.

Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor: Comes with a stair tool, 0.8L dust bin capacity, weighs around 12.15 pounds and delivers 150 AirWatts of suction power.

Compact Animal DC50: This older model is another great option as a compact upright. This model is a 30″ model which is only 11.9 pounds and offers 128 AW of suction power.

Dyson Cinetic Upright Models

Dyson Cinetic upright models are filterless vacuums and use advanced cyclone technology to filter the air. Not only filterless but also bagless, the Cinetic line of vacuums require less maintenance compared to full-size upright models.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal: This vacuum comes with a combination tool, turbine tool, stair tool, dust bin of 1.2 liters, and suction power of 180 AW. It weighs 19.2 and is a bit on the heavier side.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy: This vacuum comes with all tools like the Big Ball Animal, Plus includes reach under tool, multi-angle brush, mattress tool, and HEPA filtration.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Multi Floor: This vacuum comes with a stair tool, combination tool, 2.1 liters dust bin, 180 AW of suction power and weighs 19.2 pounds making it a bulkier vacuum.

Dyson Canister Reviews

We discussed Dyson handheld, Dyson upright, it’s time to discuss Dyson canister vacuums.

Canister vacuums are as powerful as upright vacuums but are weightless. They are basically equivalent to the Dyson stick models.

Why these vacuums are lightweight because the base unit holds the motor and dust bin on the small wheels whereas you hold the stick and roller head.

Dyson canisters have a foot operated on/off switch, Dyson ball, 360-degree articulating wand handle, Extra large dust bin, compared to other vacuums.

Dyson Ball vs. Big Ball

The Dyson canister vacuums are similar to the Big Ball machines but these are the biggest differences between these models:

Size: The ball is smaller but both are almost identical in size.

The Ball Multi Floor canister vacuum measures 14.2β€³ x 19.5β€³ x 10.2, while the Big Ball Multi Floor canister vacuum measures 13.6β€³ x 17.1β€³ x 12.1β€³.

Adaptability: The Big Ball vacuum cleaners come with a feature to adjust themselves if they topple over.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor: This smaller vacuum is the most popular and has advanced dust bin emptying process, trigger cleaning head, sleek design, and gives 280 AW of suction power. It also brings a stair tool and a combination tool.

Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor: This is a bit larger vacuum that offers less suction of 250 AW compared to Big Ball but boasts a larger dust bin, advanced carbon filter turbine head, stair tool, and a combination tool.

Dyson Big Ball Musclehead: This vacuum comes with a combination tool, stair tool, carbon fiber turbine head, musclehead floor tool that allows the vacuum to sneak under furniture to clean difficult to clean spots.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal: This vacuum is the most advanced canister vacuum because it doesn’t require a filter and comes with combination tool, stair tool, stiff bristle brush, carbon-fiber turbine head, and turbine tool.

The biggest competitor of Dyson in the list of canister vacuums is Miele and produces great vacuums which are head-to-head with the Dyson vacuums.

Dyson Vacuums Compared

We discussed different types of Dyson vacuums including upright vacuums, canister vacuums, stick vacuums, handheld vacuums, but Dyson is also entered into the robot industry making robot Dyson vacuums. Dyson vacuums range from inexpensive to expensive according to their type, and model.

Right now there is a total of 36 different Dyson vacuum models and all of these vacuum use same cyclonic technology and bagless design.

The Dyson cyclone suction uses centrifuge process that had been used to separate paint particles in the air. Similarly, these cycles while used in the vacuum, spin particulate and debris through the cyclones for strong, fade-free suction.

All Dyson vacuums are consistent in design that gives a little futuristic, accented cones, and sleek gray body.

Which Dyson is right for you?

It all boils down to a few questions that either you are looking for a portable vacuum cleaner for your car or a powerful upright to clean your entire home?

So there are numerous choices available and it’s up to you to pick the one that suits your needs and budget.

But, we did a little conclusion for you to make it a little easier for you.

What is your budget?

If you are looking for Dyson models ranking from moderate to high price then,

For moderate price: You can get a powerful handheld vacuum Dyson V7 Trigger that offers 20 minutes of run time.
For budget-friendly upright: You can go with Dyson Ball Multi-Floor upright vacuum.
For the best of the best: You can pick any of these; Dyson Cyclon V10 Absolute, or Dyson V11 Torque Drive.

What Features are you Looking For?

These are some vacuums for you according to the features you want:

For cordless stick vacuums, some of the top models include:

Dyson V11 Torque Drive stick vacuum | up to a 60-minute run time
Dyson V10 Absolute stick vacuum| up to a 60-minute run time
Dyson V8 Absolute stick vacuum | up to a 40-minute run time
Dyson V8 Animal stick vacuum | up to a 40-minute run time
Dyson V7 Trigger handheld | up to a 30-minute run time
Dyson V6 Cord Free stick vacuum | up to a 20-minute run time

For corded uprights and canisters, these are the vacuums:

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 upright vacuum
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy upright vacuum
Dyson Ball Multi Floor canister vacuum

For lightweight models these are the vacuums:

Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor upright vacuum
Dyson DC50 Animal Compact upright vacuum

It is definitely a big decision, but we did our best to help you choose the best dyson vacuum.

Analyzing Dyson Vacuum Reviews

Dyson vacuum reviews are not that ball on the internet.

Consumer Report has titled Dyson V10 Absolute the best vacuum.

Similarly, Amazon itself shows a large number of reviews of this vacuum.

Better Business Bureau gives Dyson vacuums high remarks.

Dyson.com, Definitely thinks their vacuums are best.

The Dyson V8 has an overall great rating with 1,647 total reviews.

5 Stars – 1,409
4 Stars – 227
3 Stars – 3
2 stars – 2
1 star – 6

That’s it for this Dyson Vacuum Reviews List. Thank You!


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