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🥇Best Vacuum For Shag Carpets 2024

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4 Best Vacuums for Shag Carpet

If you’re short of time, this is the quick summary of the best vacuum for shag carpets:


best vacuum for shag carpet


Cleaning long pile shag carpet is challenging for the average homeowners.

But that’s not the only problem…

Picking the best vacuum for shag carpet is also challenging because powerful suction can bog down into the carpet and become useless.

Small wheels on the long piles will struggle to move around the carpet.

So what’s the solution?

You need to pick a vacuum that only pulls dirt, dust, and debris not the fibers and moves around easily.

That said, I have done that hard work for you and crafted this list of top vacuum for shag carpets allowing you to pick the best machines according to your budget.

So, these are the vacuums that work great on long pile carpets.


There’s no way a traditional vacuum could perform best no flooring or carpeted stairs unless it’s designed for it. So vacuums for shag carpets have minor difference in them that separates them from other vacuums and prevent damaging your shag carpets.

 1.  Shark Navigator NV356 – For Deep Cleaning.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away ProfessionalShark is a well-known industry giant that makes amazing vacuums and this versatile 2-in-1 vac is one of them.

To keep your shag carpet clean and showroom fresh there is nothing better than Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away.

With it’s latest Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA filters the debris and dirt are kept inside securely making the atmosphere clean.

The dust trapped in shag carpets will be cleaned and you won’t end up breathing in contaminated air. With its mini large wheels, it won’t get stuck in the carpet while cleaning.

This value-packed vacuum is lightweight as 14 pounds compared with other bigger models. This is the size that works perfectly on deeper pile carpets.

It’s highly maneuverable allowing you to move around with ease even if you think of vacuuming a strain. It’s cost-effective, neither expensive nor cheap and the price doesn’t matter because a large number of satisfied customers have rated Shark Navigator Lift-Away as the best vacuum for shag carpet.

Simply hit the switch to transform the Navigator from an upright to a portable canister to clean hard-to-reach areas easily.

Its effective brush roll can be deactivated easily if you have mixed flooring and wanted to clean your shag carpet without ragging it into pieces.

Overall with all the plus points required for cleaning shag carpets, Shark Navigator is a perfect choice and worthwhile investment.

2. Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Dyson DC65 AnimalDyson DC65 has always been the best one in the list of vacuum cleaners either it’s cleaning hardwood floors, tile floors, carpeted floors, pet hairs or shag carpets.

No doubt products offered by Dyson are widely expensive but against that price, you enjoy cutting-edge technology from the famous brand which offers ideal products.

The self-adjusting cleaner head allows DC65 to work on any surface which fine-tunes itself for best results according to the surface area. Just turn it on and leave the rest to the vacuum.

The brush bar gives enough power, but you can disengage it to avoid getting into the problem with your shag carpet.

The Dyson DC65 is designed in the way to deal with pets mess and cope with longer and twisted shaggy carpet fibers.

It comes with a wide number of accessories to make your cleaning needs easy without requiring any other equipment. Its 5-year warranty gives you peace of mind that you have purchased a good thing.

Overall, DC65 is an excellent vacuum with respect to price, features, and performance making it an ideal choice for shag carpets.

3. Oreck LW100 Magnesium SP Bagged Upright Vacuum.

Oreck LW100 Magnesium SPThis great looking vacuum also performs well. With the Oreck LW100, you can buy a cleaner approved by Rug Institute’s hallowed Seal.

This magnesium material built vacuum is capable to bear any kind of heavy burden and punishment.

A Quick switch enables you to lift between different surfaces easily.

This bagged upright is gentle enough for Persian rugs or oriental rugs which makes it an ideal vacuum for shag carpets.

It won’t get caught in longer shag fibers due to only 12 pounds weight. The only drawback about this exclusive vacuum is that wheels are large enough.

It’s 30-foot lengthy cord and unique design makes it another great vacuum for shag carpets with a minor drawback of wheels.

4. Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet – Affordable shag carpet vacuum.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePetThe Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet is another favorite vacuum for shag carpets.

The Rotator tips the scales at around 13 pounds which is not heavy for a shag and gives the fabulous performance. The swivel steering makes it easy to vacuum around thicker pile carpet.

When you clean the furniture it’s LED lights to give the nice effect of light to gloom the areas.

While cleaning with this vacuum it’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA filtration will stash all the rogue particles securely instead of expelled back into the room causing soiling the air while you breathe.

It can be crucial as shag carpets hold more dirt than carpets with the thinner pile.

With fingertip controls simple switch from bare floors to carpet without breaking stride. It’s useful for flooring also if you wanted to use it.

The brush roll can be turned on and off easily and you can safely clean long fibers of shag carpets without any trouble. Overall the best affordable options for cleaning shag carpets.

5. Panasonic MC-UG471 Bag Upright – Best Cheap.

panasonic mc-ug471Again a well-known vacuum cleaners brand with such a wonderful model like Panasonic MC-UG471 Bagged upright vacuum.

Not cheap but extremely affordable, you can easily buy this great vacuum in a small amount of dime.

It’s Hepa filter is the gold standard for vacuum filtration. It gives a great cleaner indoor environment, simply enjoy the benefits of plush, thick carpet without any trouble.

For Panasonic, it’s not a difficult task to detect what type of carpet you are cleaning with it and it will adjust itself accordingly.

To clean under the furniture its headlights will help cleaning the missing dirty parts of your carpet in a dimly lit room.

While cleaning the shag carpets can be tiring work, so with it’s 15-inch flexible cleaning path, you will get much work in less time without straining yourself. Its agitator will make the cleaning much easier by preparing any ingrained dirt.

With a moderate budget, you want the best quality reliable vacuum to go for this one, it delivers in fine style with no excessive suction or harshness so it’s tailor-made just for shaggy carpets.

6. Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind PlusHoover could be called as top vacuum brands in the industry and the older one offering vacuum products. In many countries, Hoover name is used interchangeably with a vacuum which shows the penetration of this brand in the market.

With this lightweight vacuum, you are capable of rendering your shag carpet clean without wrecking. With the Hepa Filter and rinse-clean filter, the stray particles are safely thrown away rather than spewed back into the atmosphere.

This hard-working Hoover takes everything from surface debris to ingrained dirt in its stride.

The Hoover T-Series has 5 settings to choose for bare flooring or different types of carpet from deeper shag carpeting of low-pile. Its WindTunnel technology allows the light work of all dust and debris on your delicate shag without any hard effort.

Its 25-foot cord gives maximum maneuverability and a decent number of accessories, this smart vacuum is a nice choice for shag carpets in your house.

7. Electrolux EL4335A Corded Ultra Flex

Electrolux EL4335AThe Electrolux EL4335A Corded Ultra Flex Canister Vacuum is specifically designed to perform on plush, deep carpets. The only barrier which created a difficulty while cleaning is its large wheels which perhaps are little too large for optimum functionality on your delicate shag carpets, so treat with caution.

It’s crucial features of switching the brush on or off will give best results when cleaning the shag carpets.

It’s 3 height level allows cleaning according to the surface either it’s low-pile carpet, bare floor or deeper shag.

For only the shag carpeting too much suction might cause an issue. You can dial back the power whenever you want to clean your precious carpet or to dust off your important curtains, you will be confident that you won’t damage the fabric fibres.

Overall, this vacuum deserves a spot on our list of best vacuum for shag carpets.

8. Miele Classic C1 Olympus Canister

Miele Classic C1Miele Classic C1 compared with all other upright vacuums gives admirably perfect job for shag carpets without causing any damage.

It’s capable to shift smoothly from hard floor to a low pile and deeper pile shag carpets. With its 13 pounds weight, it won’t get stuck in the carpet and is ideal for the carpet.

It features a patented AirClean system along with a Hepa Filtration. Again the Hepa filters keep maximum dirt, allergens and dust safely locked away not spat them back in the atmosphere.

It’s cleaning path is also extremely generous which allows churn through your duties in minutes and without straining. It’s 6 power control setting allows you to get maximum cleaning flexibility.

With that said, they are not the cheap ones but the best budget ones and the second top choice for your shag carpet can be this vacuum.

9. Bissell PowerForce Helix

Bissell PowerForce HelixThe Bissell PowerForce Helix is a bagless upright vacuum and a predecessor of its 1240 model.

Its neat separation system will suck all the finest dust and particles without needing to reply to over-brisk suction.

Its washable filters are not Hepa-rated but they still do more than purpose. They suck all ingrained dirt from shag carpet without spewing it back in the air irritating you.

It is manufactured to work on the carpets and upholstery brilliantly, so either you have lower-pile carpet or richer and deeper shag, it will do its job without relying on excessive force.

It weighs about 12 pounds and ideally tailored to move over the carpet without overburdening it.

It’s 5 height adjustments allows this vacuum to glide over any surface optimized for perfect performance.

Overall it’s another great shot for cleaning the shag carpets with its own pitfalls.

10. Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Dynamite Plus

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Dynamite PlusFinally, in our list of shag vacuum reviews, we have Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Dynamite Plus. This red beast looks as good as it performs.

Another leading point of attraction of this vacuum is its price it’s best to budget, affordable, and suitable for any budget without compromising the quality.

You can say it’s the most lightweight than all other vacuum reviewed above, it’s super-light 9 pounds and a perfect fit for deep pile carpets.

It’s capable to clean any surface with its intuitive automatic height adjustment settings.

This corded vacuum with 25-foot cable is great which should be enough for cleaning larger spaces.

Its scaled-down wheels allow you to move the vacuum safely around the shag carpet without being tangled.

Overall it’s not that featured packed vacuum but you can still expect great performance at this nice cost. On another hand, it can be the best budget highly effective vacuum for shag carpets.

Vacuum for shag carpet buying guide

Don’t you think of why is there need of specialized vacuum for shag carpets? Why the typical vacuums cannot do the job. Let’s discuss this in details but first, we need to know what is shagging carpet.

What is shag Carpet

Shag carpets can be a rug or a whole wall-to-wall carpet with a very deep pile, which leads to its name. This name is taken from Old English word Sceacga which means “beard”.

In this modern age, the old shag carpets of the 70s are known as frieze carpet or twist carpet. The long fibers in this style of carpet make the cleaning harder.

Generally, if a carpet contains fibers as long as 1/2-inch it will be shagging carpet.

In these deep piles everything from household debris, pet dander, and hair through to dust mites get trapped and hidden. It gets more trapped if you walk on the carpet and it’s pressed. Though it looks attractive and feels plush underfoot, for cleaning it demands a great vacuum for shag carpets.

If it’s your first time then keep in mind these most important factors while looking for the best vacuum for shag carpets.

What To Look For In The Best Vacuum For Shag Carpets

You might have known that not all vacuum cleaners are perfect for equal tasks. These are the few important things to consider while purchasing a shag carpet vacuum.

Suction: You must be thinking of getting a vacuum with extremely powerful suction for cleaning the shag carpet and its deep piles. Don’t go for that super-strong suction power which will end up damaging your carpet fibers. Strike a balance and look for a sufficient mid-range suction vacuum.

Wheels: Vacuum with small wheels might get bogged in the shag carpet fibers. A good step is to choose a vacuum with slightly smaller and not so larger wheels so navigation is simplified and you will face smooth movement of vacuum while cleaning. The problem can be totally reduced if you get a lightweight handheld vacuum because it will avoid the corded thing and wheel system.

Beater Bar: Beater bar is a good feature for cleaning regular carpets. Not recommended for hardwood flooring as it scratches it, a motorized beater brush gets the carpet with low or medium pile spotless. There is a little difference in shag carpets. So either get a vacuum without this feature or don’t forget to flick it on and off when there is a beater bar. Don’t forget about this thing it might end tangling up and be damaging the shag carpet which can be an expensive mistake.

Weight: What do you think about of heavy vacuums, heavier doesn’t correlate with the quality and performance. They can also be a problem to move around while cleaning the shag carpet. In the deep shags, the biggest and heaviest vacuum might get stuck which can be depressing for you. So get a lightweight vacuum which can provide sufficient power for your needs.

Filters: You must be aware of the fact that thick carpets attract more dirt, debris and dirt. What about a vacuum with a filter? To avoid dirty atmosphere pick a vacuum with strong and able air filters for best results and clean air.

Cleaning Mechanism: A high cleaning mechanism won’t give thorough clean. A mechanism that is located close to the carpet will also make your shag carpet fuzzy and bedraggled ruining its elegant look. So go for something in between. Keep in mind the balance while getting the best vacuum for shag carpets.

As we have discussed important factors in a decent way to help you make a better decision about deeper pile carpets or rugs.

Now you can go through the shag carpet reviews with a better understanding of what you want exactly. Avoiding the generalized and lengthy reviews we have inserted to the point details and elements according to each vacuum.

If you have picked your strongest(mid-range) and highest rated vacuum then it’s awesome if don’t go and read above.

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