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Bissell Air Ram 1984 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Bissell Air Ram 1984 reviewThis ultimate review of Bissell Air Ram 1984 covers everything including advantages, disadvantages, features, uses and other factors.

Why should you buy this vacuum? What makes it different from other?

Keep reading to find answers to all of these questions.

Let’s get started…

Bissell Air Ram Review

Though the color scheme and design resemble with Gtech but Bissell AirRam is a totally different and efficient machine.

The reason behind the popularity of this lightweight stick vacuum is not only it’s weight and design but plenty of factors that we are going to discuss including the price that you can check yourself here.

Let’s have a closer look at the features and specs of the vacuum cleaner.

Here’s a quick overview of the features that are discussed in detail behind this quick overview section.

  • Features a 22-volt professional-grade lithium-ion battery that lasts for 35 minutes.
  • Cleans multiple flooring, rugs, and carpet.
  • It takes around 3 hours and 20 minutes to top off the battery.
  • The swivel steering and fold flat features make it maneuver effortlessly.
  • LED headlights make the invisible dust particles visible in the absence of bright light.
  • The dirt bin is quite easy to empty with a 0.6-liter capacity.
  • A collapsible handle makes it easy to store while occupying less space.
  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Specs of Bissell Air Ram

SPECS:Bissell AirRam
BATTERY TYPE22 Volt Lithium Ion

Bissell AirRam Features

Let’s discuss the features in details.

22-volt Lithium-Ion Battery

This 22-volt professional grade battery can easily make the vacuum turned on for almost 35 minutes if you turn the make less use of the motorized brush. It takes around 3 hours and 20 minutes to recharge the battery.

So plug it and for about 4 hours to use it again for long cleaning sessions. In addition, the 22 volt Lithium ion battery that is user-replaceable.

Suction Squeegee

The suction squeegee is referred to directions to open and close when you are vacuuming larger debris to get superior edge cleaning.

LED lights

airRam LED lights

LED not only makes it fancy but helpful in cleaning in low lighted areas or hard-to-reach areas like under the sofas or furniture.

The LED headlight illuminates and helps cleaning these areas efficiently.

But that’s not all…

The bright light is helpful to track down which areas are cleaned and which are not.

Swivel Steering

airRam flat

The swivel option is a killer-feature for older people as it allows them to maneuver the vacuum easily around furniture.

Similarly, the fold-flat feature allows you to lay the vacuum flat to penetrate in difficult to clean areas like under bed, sofa and furniture. The collapsible handle makes it easy to store the vacuum

But still, it’s a self-propelled and requires some effort to move.

Easy to Empty Dirt Bin

Are you worried about how easy it is to empty the dirt cup? Because it is challenging in few vacuums. But you won’t find the easiest method of emptying the dirt bin than the one with Bissell AirRam.

airram dirbin

The biggest problem with bagless vacuums is how statically charge dust that clings on the inner walls of the dirt bin that requires you to use your fingers to remove then or even bang the bin against the garbage can to unstuck it.

But Bissell AirRam features a lever that pushes the dirt out with your simple push. Though the dit bin has a smaller capacity of 600ml but cleaning the bin is like a breeze.

Removable Battery

You will see the majority of battery-operated vacuums with fixed batteries but Bissell AirRam comes with a removable battery.

If sometimes the battery fails you can at least replace it. There are LED lights on the top that indicates battery status.

Multi-Surface Brush Roll

The multi-surface brush roll allows Bissell Air Rim to clean various surfaces from hardwood, carpet and rugs. But, keep in mind the one cleaning head cannot adjust on multiple floors.

As this vacuum cannot be turned into a handheld vac, It can still manage to clean the edges efficiently including baseboards.

So removal of surface debris from tile flooring or hard flooring is not an issue for this vacuum.

Minimal Loss of Power

Minimal loss of power means less electricity consumption. Almost every upright vacuum features the motor in the body. But Bissell Air Ram brings the motor close to the cleaning head, reducing the distance between the motorized brush and motor means less power loss.

This design resembles the Shark Rocket and Gtech which have made their name in the UK.

Bare Floor Performance

The powerful suction allows it to perform efficiently on the bare floor surfaces.

Either it’s picking pet hairs, dust, or litter, you will get good cleaning performance.

But, there is not brush roll-on/off features like pet robot vacuums which limit how this performs on the bare floor. A bristled brush will eventually scatter the dirt around or might scratch the floor.

It’s always suggested to use Dyson V8 on sensitive flooring as V8 features a soft roller cleaner head to clean the floors gently.

Carpet Performance

If we compare AirRam vs Dyson the beater bar features fewer bristles. But these bristles are stiff so agitation is pretty good.

So the amazing suction not only pulls surface dirt but also embedded dirt trapped underneath the carpet fibers.

Pet Hairs

This vacuum is excellent at picking up pet hairs, thanks to the powerful suction and agitation. If you have multiple pets(dogs or cats) then it’s recommended for you to get a bigger bin vacuum as this bin capacity of 600ml won’t be enough for you.

Area Rugs

Cleaning area rugs are also easy with this vacuum. If the area rug is too light then avoid using this vacuum as it will suck up the rug which is not easy to push back.

Filter clean up

Though it has a unique filter design placed in the middle like a Dyson. But you have to clean it very often through washing. It might take longer to dry filters depending on the area you live in and the replacement filters are also not available. Therefore, it’s worth waiting for it to completely dry.


Bissell Air Ram comes with a 2-year warranty.

What else should you expect from this vacuum?

Let’s see what else this vacuum has to offer.


This vacuum is much convenient than conventional vacuum cleaners. The convenience factor of any vacuum depends on how well the vacuum cleans other parts of your home beside the floor, how much it weighed, is the vacuum corded or cordless Plus the maximum reach of battery life.

That said, this cordless vacuum with 35 minutes of battery life earns 6 out of 10 for the convenience factor. Heavier vacuums like Bissell can hurt floor slightly. If the vacuum can be transformed into a handheld vacuum then it can save floors but AirRam lacks the transformative abilities. This vacuum is stable enough to stand on it’s own and the handle retracts to make it even more convenient to store.

The chart below shows how the AirRam is on the heavy side for these products.

airram weight

The exceptional battery life of 35 minutes makes it a top cordless stick vacuum with longer battery life. The chart below shows the comparison.

battery life

But that’s not all AirRam charges relatively quickly and only takes about 3 hours and 20 minutes to refill the battery completely.

Hard Surface Cleaning

The Bissell AirRam does an awesome job cleaning hard flooring types. Either it’s rice, flour, cereal, oatmeal, or pet hairs whatever you throw at it AirRam deals with that regardless of the laminate wood floor or tile floor.

In a nutshell, AirRam gives a solid performance sucking up all the debris effortlessly while meeting pet hair and cereal collection challenges.

Ease Of Use

The major factor of buying a vacuum cleaner is ease of use that includes noise level, cleaning options and how close it cleans the edges of a room and under furniture.

That said, Bissell AirRam earns 7 points out of 10 by doing an excellent job of cleaning along with a wall, leaving no or minimal debris along the wall as well as in front of the vacuum.

Carpet Cleaning

Besides leaving soft floors sparkling, Bissell does an awesome job of collecting any kind of dust or debris from both low-pile flat carpets and medium-pile fluffy carpet.

Like flat floors, Bissell scattered few particles around on the flat carpet but sucked everything from the fluffier carpets without issue.

Customer Reviews

A huge number of positive reviews of this product are proof of a product worthy of your money.

One of them recorded a video demonstrating how much dirt Bissell was able to pick up on her rug after cleaning it twice with a Rainbow vacuum. This is a surprise because Rainbow is one of the best deep cleaners available right now. She must have used the wrong tool.

It did particularly well with pet hair and litter – two problem areas for pet owners. Even on carpet, the Air Ram is an absolute cleaning machine but I must warn you that it will not match a full-sized upright in terms of deep cleaning.

Few complaints did a report about the build quality and the filter.

Though it does a better job at collecting flour in few passes including the stuff stuck in the cracks in the boards but it leaves some stuff behind resulting in more cleaning sessions. Plus the only single cleaning head cannot adjust for different flooring types.

Despite the fact that it scatters dust particles a little, it also collects cheerios with minimal effort on both fluffy and flat carpets. You might not find it perfect at picking up every single pet hairs which could be a deal-breaker if you have pets at your home.

This vacuum is a great mid-priced alternative for those who cannot afford higher-end models which typically cost over $200.

A perfect fit for small to medium-sized home to clean dust, pet hair, scattered food particles and pet litter.

Weighs less than 8 pounds, So no trouble bring lugging this up and down a flight of stairs as well as to drag around.


In a nutshell, The AirRam is very easy and convenient to use and didn’t disappoint in our cleaning tests. It’s lightweight and easy to use, as well as doing a great job at cleaning under furniture.
  • Excellent at picking up pet hairs debris from bare floors
  • Easy-to-empty dirt cup
  • Long run time
  • Easy to use
  • Solid performance on hard floors
  • Cordless
  • Small dust bin is not good for large homes.
  • Felt filter design takes too long to dry.
  • Not powerful like Dyson or Shark.
  • No attachments.
  • Little pricey.

If you have shag carpet then you can choose your best vacuum for shag carpet and if you have hard floors then you can choose best vacuum for hardwood floors.

This Bissell Air Ram 1984 Vacuum Cleaner Review (Updated) explain pros, cons, and features of this vacuum cleaner to help you make a better decision with your money.

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