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Bissell BigGreen BG1006 Review Commercial Backpack

Bissell BigGreen BG1006 ReviewI am excited to review Bissell BigGreen Commercial backpack vacuum.

In this article, I am going to explain why this vacuum is perfect and why you should buy this machine.

Without further ado let’s get started.

Bissell BigGreen BG1006 is a lightweight and features an adjustable strap and waist belt allowing you to rest the vacuum on your back.

This vacuum is specialized for commercial use in casinos, hotels, hospitals, offices, airports or anywhere with multi-use cleaning task.

Specifications Of The Bissell BG1006 Backpack Vacuum

System TypeBagged
Warranty1 Year
Power Cord Length50 Feet
Capacity (Gallons)1.50
Motor Watts1380

Bissell BigGreen BG1006 Review

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of Bissell BigGreen BG1006 Review.

Advantages of Bissell Big Green, Model BG1006

This backpack vacuum has a large six-quart capacity to hold a large amount of dust, debris, dirt particles and crumbs.

It weighs around ten pounds when it’s empty and the adjustable strap and waist belt shifts weight on the entire body making it lightweight and comfortable.

The BigGreen features a HEPA filter to provide air filtration while cleaning. But the replacement filters will cost you around $15 for six either you buy it online or order through the manufacturer.

This bagged vacuum brings one bag to capture dust and stains inside it.

The plastic hose plus metal wand makes it as versatile as a nimble upright vacuum cleaner while enabling spot cleaning.

The biggest advantage of this vacuum is the provision of eight variety of accessories (tools) including crevice cleaning tools, upholstery heads, floor cleaning head and dusting.

As far as the price is concerned it’s not that expensive. But the prices are constantly changing and you have to Shop Now at Amazon.com yourself.

Another cool feature is the extension wand to clean up high and sucking up gum off the ceiling. Most of the time you can do the dusting with the good four feet long without any extension.

The narrow profile makes it easier for the consumers to move around the house while wearing this backpack vacuum cleaner. You can carry the vacuum for a long time without feeling strains, thanks to the shoulder belts and waist belt.

And I am not stopping here…

You can maneuver through several rooms while wearing this vacuum without changing the power outlets because this vacuum features a 50-foot ultra-long power cord to cover large spaces.

This vacuum will shut down automatically when it detects the dirt bin is full. Emptying the dirt bin is easy with a twist-off lid. So chances of messes or accidents are automatically reduced.

Except for other dirt particles, this vacuum with powerful suction sucks up all the pet hairs from your hardwood, tile or vinyl floors with its 120 CFM airflow. And the crush-proof hose rarely clogs due to it’s wide diameter.

This commercial vacuum unit comes with a standard one year warranty and offers excellent service when the unit is sent back under warranty.

The design of this vacuum doesn’t contribute to static electricity generation. But overall, the build is strong that makes this vacuum perfect for commercial use.

Disadvantages of Bissell Big Green BG1006

You can turn on and off the vacuum using the power switch without having to take the vacuum off. But sometimes this convenient location gets hit by accident while using the vacuum turning it off in return.

The shoulder straps are not that strong but get the job done.

It’s broad fifteen-inch head is capable to clean thick carpets and pick up heavy debris like pebbles and pet fur without getting clogged. The power nozzle connects electrically to the switch box on the back. The powered vacuum head itself connects to the lower wand. You can hang the vacuum on a wall mounted storage rack while not using.


Overall, BigGreen BG1006 is lightweight, versatile, multi-purpose and durable. The strong motor, a ton of accessories and other quality features makes it a worthy investment for your money.

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