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Bissell Poweredge Pet Hardwood Floor Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Looking for how to get rid of pet hair? Most of pet owners are facing the same problem – Removing pet hair neatly and completely. Simply, you cannot use the normal vacuum cleaner to clean dirt, debris, and pet hair. In order to get the problem solved, you should think about a special vacuum cleaner that is durable, powerful, and strong enough to get rid of thick hair from the floors. Bissell Poweredge Pet Hardwood Floor Stick Vacuum Cleaner is the name of vacuum cleaner that you should think about. What makes this vacuum cleaner become special and effective for pet hair removal? Keep reading and find out!



The Bissell Poweredge Pet Hardwood Floor Stick Vacuum Cleaner has several features that you will love later on. This vacuum cleaner is specially designed for “Pet Hard Floor”. This stick vacuum has affordable price which can fit your pocket. In addition, it has innovative style. The “V-shaped nozzle” is one of the most powerful features that this vacuum cleaner has. This feature offers the vacuum cleaner to pick up larger pieces of debris, dirt, and pet hair easily while the normal vacuum cleaner cannot. Furthermore, this type of vacuum can also pick up the small object easily and neatly. Therefore, you cannot find any dirt left behind when using this vacuum cleaner. Another feature is the Swivel motion which can easily clean all of the floor. The vacuum cleaner is designed to cleann all spaces. It can access those hard-to-reach areas that the regular vacuum cleaner cannot.

This vacuum cleaner is designed with ease of use although its style is corded. You can easily move the vacuum cleaner from place to place because it has small, and lightweight design. Its weight is only 7 pounds. It can also work on both carpet and hard surfaces.

Talking about the V-shape design, we should mention about the optimum suction power. It can get rid of dirt, and pet hair on the floor quickly and easily. With its special design, the vacuum cleaner can clean against walls and baseboards.

This vacuum type is equipped with a 5 amp motor which is considered as a small, or tiny machine. However, it is very powerful. With its power, it can clean the floors effectively. If you belong to group of allergies, and asthma, you may find it a little disappointed because it is not equipped with HEPA filtration. Luckily, pet hair, dander, and dirt will be kept in the cup of canister for ease of removal.

You can easily know when it is time to empty the canister because the vacuum cleaner is transparent. You can easily store the Bissell PowerEdge because you just need to put it at upright position. As mentioned earlier, the vacuum cleaner has an affordable price. Therefore, you can get the best vacuum cleaner that can fit your budget.


These items come in the box: PowerEdge vacuum cleaner, Instruction Manual, Charger, Battery, Product Registration Card.


If you are a pet lover and owner, this vacuum cleaner will be one of your best choices to make. You won’t feel disappointed when using it.

Asin: B00450U7V8