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Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Review ( Crazy Suction )

Homeowners know the advantage of using a cordless stick vacuum cleaner. Today we will discuss Dyson V10 Review to help you know if it’s a suitable vacuum cleaner for you.

So let’s get started.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Review

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Review

Dyson is a popular household product maker and is best known for some awesome vacuums. Speaking of their vacuums Dyson has their technology in which the digital motor is placed at the center of the machine and is connected with a clear canister that allows various attachments, that same design has prevailed ever since. The only change we have noticed is in the design and blueprint. Each time they redesign the model with some change and do some incremental improvements.

The new Dyson V10 is the latest production by Dyson and comes with some expected enhancements like a powerful motor, an efficient battery, reasonably larger dust bin compared to V8. You must be thinking Where’s the middle of Dyson V8 and Dyson V10. It’s a marketing stunt which you can see in iPhone and Microsoft as well. Dyson did the same with their stick vacs and each model/version having some tweaks to make it measurably better.

Well, the Dyson V10 can perform very well in every situation but with an expensive price tag. The V10 breeds sticker shock and worth the money you spend to buy it.


The handheld section of the vacuum is the brain of the device which comes with significant changes. Unlike the previous design where the motor used to sit perpendicular along the dustbin, has been swung 90 degrees and now sits inline along with the dustbin and the suction tube.

This change in the design makes for a more efficient motor, but the weight of the vacuum gets distributed above the handle which makes it easy to hold and use. The steel spinning shaft is replaced with a more lighter and stiffer shaft made of ceramic. The motor runs at 2,000 times per second and total spins in a minute are 125,000 rpm.

The battery pack has become smaller yet powerful for all V-series vacuums. The Dyson V10 allows the continuous vacuum for an hour with its impressive battery in a single charge which usually took 40 minutes in the V8. A row of lights on the battery determines the remaining battery juice. Similarly, the lights tell you if the filter and suction passageway that either they are blocked or working properly.

The filter warning light indicates when to change the filter and rinse it clean, or the filter needs to put back in.

The dirt bin compared to previous versions is bigger in size by 40 percent making the V10 a premium machine. The old or the cheapest V10 uses the old bin size. Not only the size is big but the dirt bin comes with a mechanism that pushes debris into the trash when you press the red level towards the floor. All the dust and dirt is scraped from the upper part avoiding your hands getting dirty.

The V10 line has a new motor head which shares similar looks to the standard motor head having a spinning, bristled drum, but the switch in this motor head is located at the front. As you push the switch one way and two small gaps in the leading edge of the head open up allowing the machine to suck up every piece of junk like cereal, shattered tortilla chips, or clumps of potting soil. To close these gaps you can push the switch to another way. To use the vacuum in boost mode you can press the soft rubber foot located at the rear to pick up every stray piece of dirt from vents.

According to tests, V10 can pick up almost everything regardless of the sealed kitchen floors, hardwood floor, polished concrete, burl carpet-the vac is ideal to sweep up the common crumbs and dirt from the floor. Not only the visible spots but it can suck up from the cracks and seams and makes the floor spotless in few parts of the motor head. Some vacuums face trouble with reasonably large objects like paperclips, pennies, but V10 while used on the Max setting never leaves anything including wing nuts.

The V10 is available in three different models the entry-level Cyclone V10 Motorhead comes with the same bin size but lacks few attachments. The Cyclone V10 Animal is an ideal choice for pet owners which comes with spinning bristles to pick up pet hairs off carpets, curtains, couches, hard floors and from upholstered chairs. The dustbin with this model is quite large.

The deluxe model of Dyson V10 has a new motorhead, spinning brush to deal with pet hairs, fluffy roller head to protect sensitive hard flooring and all other standard tools. Don’t expect much power from the fluffy head as you do with a traditional motor head. But that’s not all, the fluffy head is prone to get dirty quickly. You can wash the fluffy head by popping out the drum but drying process takes a day.

If you feel the features are worth paying for then don’t hesitate to spend for this top model as it’s the best in the line of cordless vacuums and the strong build and ease of use makes it worthy of each penny.

Dyson v10 absolute vs animal

Dyson V10 absolute has three different versions and one of them is Dyson V10 animal which is used to pick up pet hairs around the home.

Dyson v10 absolute vs v8

The major difference between the Dyson V10 absolute vs Dyson V8 is the design and improvements in battery life, suction power and motor. The V10 comes with updated gadgets.

Overall, the Dyson V10 is an awesome vacuum cleaner that delivers outstanding performance with strong suction and comes with all important functions that make it a versatile cleaner than all other Dyson vacuums.


Lighter and easier to handle
One hour battery life and takes less than an hour to charge
Bigger bins mean less emptying

A large number of positive reviews

Dyson DC10 is an expensive machine
The push-level is not enough for emptying so hands get dirty when cleaning the bin.
Fluffy roller head gets dirty instantly.

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