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Dyson V8 Review: ( Absolute Vs. Animal ) Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V8 is another best stick vacuum in the line of stick vacuums by Dyson. This Dyson V8 Absolute review covers why it’s a supplementary machine for your hard floors, bare floors, carpets or any surface. But it won’t be enough for wall-to-wall carpeting as it’s the job of a full-sized vacuum.

For spot surface cleaning, full-sized upright and canister vacuums do a similar job to the Dyson V8, but the V8 is extremely lightweight.

dyson v8 absolute review

Dyson V8 Absolute Review

The Dyson V8 deals efficiently with sprigs of car hairs on the couch, spilled cereal on the kitchen floor, dirt on the carpet. The biggest advantage of this vacuum cleaner is that it deals with any type of cleaning task you throw at it.

It not only picks the cereal, rice or sand particles from the carpets and bare floors but pucks them fast compared to its competitors and gives the suction twice to them.

The higher performance puts you in how can this small machine can do a job like full-sized vacs or bigger machines. The Dyson V8 Absolute performs well for deep-cleaning as well and the powerful motor sucks out the embedded dirt, sand or talc into the medium-pile carpet making it an ideal vacuum cleaner.


The Dyson V8 Absolute is a lightweight vacuum and weighs around 6 pounds. Being a stick vac you can convert it into a hand vacuum for cleaning cars, nooks, corners or tight spots. Converting the stick into handheld and vice versa is pretty easy, and you can empty the dirt chamber in one simple step.

The V8 comes with a main direct-drive cleaner head which is built with woven nylon with rows of anti-static carbon filter filaments which protect sensitive flooring of hardwood floors. For upholstery, there’s a mini motorized brush and for electronics and delicate surface there’s a soft-dusting brush and all of these features make the vacuum fully loaded.

The V8 comes with a six-cell lithium-ion batteries which allow the vacuum to use the accessories to perform cleaning for around 21 minutes in a single charge which is plenty of time if compared to the other stick vacuums even the longest among all which are recommended most of the time. Even having a powerful motor Dyson V8 does an impressive job.


The common issue with vacuums is an annoying high-pitched whine. The V8 is quieter, thanks to the acoustic motor which absorbs vibrations, and streamlined airways to minimize the turbulence around the motor control board. The manufacturer provides all the sound meter readings proving that it’s the quietest stick vacuums available on the market today.

Cheaper Options of Dyson V8

As the V8 is an expensive machine, which you might think that is it worth spending this much in return to the features I’m getting. The decision is yours but if you have not enough budget then take a look at these affordable yet effective machines.

The Dyson V6

The V8 is the upgraded version of V6 and the V6 is half the price of V8. Though it’s cheapest in price but works amazingly for surface cleaning on carpets and bare floors. But it lacks some important attachments like soft roller cleaner for wood flooring and the mini motorized head, and it’s noisier.


Kenmore is a nice option for kitchen and bare-floor environs, it won’t work on carpets.

Shark Rocker DeluxePro TruPet HV322

This vacuum is a corded stick machine that works on both carpets and bare floors and can be converted easily into a hand vac.

Dyson v8 absolute cord-free vacuum (Cordless)

Dyson V8 Absolute is a cordless vacuum which can be converted handheld vac easily allowing you to clean stairs, car or tight places.

Dyson v8 absolute best price

Dyson V8 absolute has the price which keeps changing you can check the latest price on Amazon.

Dyson v8 absolute vs animal

Dyson V8 absolute compared to animal lacks some attachments for cleaning pet hairs.

Dyson v8 absolute vs Dyson v10

Dyson V8 absolute compared to V10 is a similar budget but a different feature and design machine. The V10 Absolute is much more efficient and lightweight than V8.

This Dyson V8 Review: ( Absolute Vs. Animal ) Stick Vacuum Comparison explains different models of the V8 Dyson to help you choose the right one for the money.

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