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🥇Ecovacs Deebot 901 Robotic Vacuum Review

Ecovacs Deebot 901Review

Looking for Ecovacs Deebot 901 robotic vacuum? Check out our full review now!

Robot vacuums are intelligent but every bot is limited to an extent depending on the price and features. There are tons of floor-cleaning robots around including the popular names of Dyson, iRobot and Neato but now there’s no need to spend big bucks just to get a decent robot vacuum cleaner. While not great for large tasks suited for shop vacuums robot vacuums can run while you’re not home, saving you lots of time.

Of course, budget cleaners lack some of the intelligent features that are typically seen in the top-end vacuums like memory mapping, Recharge & Resume, and voice commands, etc.

The Ecovacs Deebot 901 seeks to change that by offering tons of quality features, dust-busting, and performance at a great price.

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Ecovacs Deebot 901 robotic vacuum review

Functionality Over Form

The Deebot 901 not only brings an array of sensors but laser-guided navigation, scanning and mapping your home to optimize cleaning performance.

It can work continuously for 100 minutes on several floors like hardwood, tile floor, and light carpets in a single charge.

deebot 901 performance

You can enable voice control by integrating Amazon Alexa and Google Home. While the mobile phone application allows simple configuration of virtual boundaries, custom cleaning plans, operating schedules, and more.

Right out of the box you will see a disc-shaped 901 packed with a spare side brush and a filter, a charger, so nothing to rush for spares. Clad in rather black and grey, so nothing special to make it stand out visually from its competitors.

A distance sensor at the top increases the overall height of from 13.9 by 3.3 inches ( 35.3 cm x 35.3cm x 8.4 cm) which shouldn’t be a concern.

Alongside the root hardware on a regular spinning brush, the Deebot 901 comes with a direct suction attachment, specially designed for the home with pets. It offers a lighter clean instead using the brush that makes sure the dust and pet hairs are picked up without any clogging.

Just pop out the brush and drop in the plastic attachment into the socket and a flexible choice for pet owners.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to install the bot. Simply flip the bot over, snap on the side brushes, and insert the charger to fully charge it.

You can connect the Deebot with your home networking by installing firmware via the Ecovacs iOS/Android app that is assisted by voice commands through the robot, politely informing you of progress.

Instead, the 901 is a chatty kind of robot that always keep the users notified whatever it’s doing. You can quickly disable voice reports in the app if you prefer the silent type.


Smart Mapping and efficient cleaning

You will definitely enjoy a robovac utilizing the mapping capabilities to clean your home. As soon as you set it to work you will see a rough layout visible on your screen. But that’s not all you can even track every movement of the robot in real-time to see how the floor plan’s fidelity increases as it explores. There’s nothing to worry about the noise as you won’t even listen to the vacuum working in standard settings and it won’t be distracting. You can also put the vacuum on enhanced suction and it will be noisier.

deebot mapping

The Deebot 901 detects and navigates around efficiently around the obstructions. Though robot vacuums can sometimes slam into furniture like an over-enthusiastic puppy, this Deebot cleans on a random path avoiding table legs, furniture, baseboards, and other obstacles and quickly sport them and plots its closure to avoid a bump.

Besides cleaning it cam climb over rugs effortlessly but make sure to clear any trailing cables in the way of the bot before cleaning as the long side brushes can tangle with them. The moment of pride is when the vacuum repeatedly tries several methods to untangle itself during cleaning, like starting or stopping brushes, performing a 360-degree pirouette and, angling its body up, wheelie-style.

Rescue 901

You can check all the mapping options with customization from the app. You can also create custom cleaning areas for the vacuum and virtual boundaries. There’s nothing like a clunky hardware pillar or magnetic tape under your carpets, just draw a line with your finger on your floor where you plan to make it a “no-go” zone for the bot. That said, this machine respects the virtual boundaries.

Even you can set daily cleaning schedules. Those who are prone to cleaning can keep it continuous cleaning cycle keeps automatically… Then it returns to the docking station when runs low on battery to get a refresh. There are Do Not Disturb settings that allows the vacuum to stop in the middle other night so you don’t get disturbed and disables the robot’s voice reports and status lights.

If you have smart speakers installed at your home you can use Amazon Alexa and Google assistant to use voice commands to start and stop the vacuum cleaner. The integration is very easy and quick to set up. You only have to say Google, start cleaning and vacuum is on its work. Amazon users will have to say tell Deebot to clean.

Multi-Floor Homes

This vacuum can work with one level at a time, therefore in the case of robot vacuum, you have to pick it and place it on another floor so it loses localization and must recreate the map from the scratch. Single-floor apartments are not easy to do with this in-telling machine with its high-quality performance.

Cleaning Performance Needs Improvements

This bot is decent, strong and generates powerful suction to capture all the hairs, dust and detritus inside. So the vacuum can easily travel close to baseboards providing great performance at close proximity. You won’t be disappointed but it will leave noticeable debris like ground coffee near the baseboards.

Though the long brushes are helpful for swiping the dust and debris into the vacuum’s path. But the dust was also pushed outside where it was missed in the first pass. Soon few spots, it will clean once but in other spots, it will move multiple times. After a few passes, it gets the job done like a handheld model.

Unlike the Shark ION 750 Robot, the spot cleaning features are unavailable in it. It provides a manual option for cleaning areas where the bot can do an excellent job. But overall, it’s an excellent machine that gets the job done without spending dime and you can do tweaking and set cleaning schedules to get the best clean.


This bot comes with a one-year warranty that only covers defects and material workmanship.

As stated earlier floor cleaning robot is expensive but Ecovacs Deebot 901 changes the game. At a reasonable price, you get smart mopping, excellent performance, smart assistant integration and much more. You also get single-floor dwellings allowing this bot to push the competitors further with multi-room mapping and spot cleaning support, but for now, 901 is a wise pick.

If there’s anything that stands right next to this vacuum but cheap in price then its the Eufy Robovac 11S that only lacks smart part but offers simple and effect automated cleaning with programming schedules.

The Deebot 901 requires maintenance, regular cleaning and replacement of consumables that includes filters and brushes if you want to keep the vacuum in top condition. Furthermore, spare parts are available online at cheap prices.

After this priceless review spending money on this machine that offers advanced features, flexible control and a solid performance will be worthwhile for your investment.


  • Great price
  • Room mapping support
  • Voice commands and app control
  • Virtual boundaries and customized configuration
  • Google Assistant plus Alexa integration
  • Drab design
  • Mapping restricted to one room at a time
  • Cleaning performance near baseboards could be better

Ecovacs Deebot 901 Review ( Updated Now ) article allows you to decide that either you should spend your money on this vacuum cleaner or not. The pros and cons

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