Electrolux Pure i9 Review & Rating

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Electrolux Pure i9 Black Friday

Electrolux Pure i9 Black Friday

The Electrolux Pure i9 not only has futuristic design and camera-based navigation, but it’s one of the high-end robot vacuums that can move across different floor types and efficiently navigates around obstacles with aplomb.

The robot app that not only allows you to control settings but also enables you to set up schedules using your phone. Being a pricey model it lacks Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, long battery life, and third-party smart home devices integration that a less-expensive vacuum Neato Botvac D7 connected offers.

Let’s get the detailed Electrolux Pure i9 Review.

Electrolux Pure i9 Review


This triangular shape dark steel color robot vacuum is 12.6-inches on each side and stands 3.5 inches tall. This low profile design allows it to fit under low-clearance furniture except the lowest of couches.

electrolux pure i9 design

An LCD panel at the top allows you to view the cleaning mode, remaining battery, and the time. Directly underneath is a bronze button that releases the top-loading dustbin, which is on the small side. The 3D camera is located inside the front bumper along with a built-in speaker for a status update.

At the bottom, there are two wheels, charging contacts, a spin brush and the main brush. In the accessories, this machine if fairly light, especially considering the price-that you only get a spin brush plus a charging station.

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App and Setup

The mobile app is compatible with Android or iOS. After you download the app, it walks you through the entire process of connecting to the machine, where you need to enter the serial number or scanning a barcode, decide a name for your bot, and connecting it to your Wi-Fi network (unlike the dual-band Botvac D7, it only works with 2.4GHz channel).

This simple and intuitive app shows the status of bot on the main screen that includes battery level and the next scheduled cleaning (if you’ve programmed it). In the centre, a blue symbol is present that allows accessing the menu with the various commands, modes, schedules, and settings.

If you click on a three-bar icon located at the upper left you will be able to see the FAQ, online support and remaining settings.

The notepad icon in the upper right corner brings up cleaning maps of your entire house, showing you the areas cleaned and the total time spent cleaning these areas on certain dates and time.

The maps are rudimentary compared with the maps of Neato or iRobot, but they still nicely get the shape of your house without getting into too many details.

You can initiate or pause vacuuming through the app, or spot clean, but you can’t use it to steer the bot manually.


The 3D camera at the top works better than infrared sensors and provides superior, methodical navigation.

Following the Dyson 360-Eye, it also divides the entire room into separate sections and clean in spiral, back-and-forth pattern before maneuvering further. This vacuum will never bump into furniture or any other objects that comes in its path.

electrolux pure i9 performance

Regardless of floor types like tile, carpet, and wood, the Pure i9 works amazing even on raised flooring. You can leave the spin brush off if you have wall-to-wall carpeting and looking for best results.

But that’s not all…

The Electrolux Pure i9 can destroy dust, dirt, hairs and various bits of debris lying on the floors.

The major downside is the short battery life of 60 minutes in Eco mode, and 43 minutes in normal mode. But in term of battery power, Roomba 960 lasts for 75 minutes and Botvac D7 connected lasts for 130 minutes.

But, Electrolux hits another snag which is noise. It’s loud enough that you’ll likely be able to hear while it’s off cleaning in other rooms.


Though the vacuum delivers powerful cleaning, stellar performance and excellent navigation, it comes at a steep premium. While the Roomba 960 with much less price offers longer battery life, uses a camera for navigation, even supports Amazon Alexa compatibility.

Overall, Electrolux Pure i9 is an excellent vacuum that uses the 3D camera for excellent navigation around your home, but the price tag is high for the bells and whistles.

  • Advanced navigation with 3D camera
  • Exceptional cleaning abilities
  • Simple, well-designed app
  • A battery should be improved
  • Expensive
  • Lacks voice control

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