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How Does A Vacuum Pump Work

If you know how do vacuum work then it’s not difficult for you to know how does a vacuum pump work as it becomes easy to understand that. For more information keep reading.

A vacuum pump is a necessary equipment if you want to remove molecules of gas from any system. by removing the molecules from the sealed volume you leave behind a partial vacuum due to which it is called a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump was first invented back in 1650 by Otto von Guericke. However vacuum pump now a day is preceded by a suction pump that is more powerful than the vacuum pump.

How Does A Vacuum Pump Work

How Does A Vacuum Pump Work

As the main function of the vacuum pump is to remove the gas molecules from the system this particular device works on the same model. The molecules will only be present if there is some difference in the pressure between the regions. If there is no difference, then the molecules won’t be present at all and hence there will be no function of the vacuum pump.

The region that contains few molecules in it is labeled as a low-pressure region while the region that contains higher molecules is labeled as a high-pressure region. The pump is a device that can induce the pressure difference between the two regions of space. Thus any pump creating any vacuum in any system is known as a vacuum pump.

There are two different types of vacuum pump that are present with one being a transfer pump while the other one being a trapping pump. The transfer pump is also known as a kinetic pump with the main reason being that the gas is pushed off from inlet of the pump to the outlet of the pump. This process is done with the help of a mechanical moving part of the pump that rotates and makes regions of the low pressure.

The tank is isolated with the help of a high vacuum valve when the level is reached with any exchange of gas being stopped or that is taking place between the pump and the container. The trapping pump that is also labeled as the capture pump is found in the container that is being removed. The main work that a trapping pump has to do is to remove the gas molecules with the help of condensation or sorption on the internal surface.

In case the molecules of gas come in contact with the refrigerated side of the pump than they will be removed from the surface by being condensed. The removal part of the molecules will be done as a liquid process and not as a gas process. This is where the difference lies in the two types of vacuum pumps that are being used over the time with both having different functions altogether.

However, there is one more thing to keep in mind and that particular thing is to know that of the damage that can be done to the vacuum pumps over the time. thus in order to combat this damage issue, regular maintenance of the pumps needs to be done so that the equipment is up and running without any issues.

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