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How To Speed Up Your Home Cleaning Task With Vacuums

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We use a very common phrase, “Home is where your heart is” But, for instance, think! Is your home clean enough to look like one, and if not, then why? Don’t be confused.

See, when the house is neat and clean, it shows that your heart is unpolluted, and you do care and love your home, just like your heart. However, if the home is rough and polluted, then probably you must be lacking in feelings for the home.

The cleanliness of the house is an important factor, and to achieve this goal, you just need to CLEAN.

Here is a questionnaire that you must solve before moving forward, check if your cleaning routine is up to the mark or down to nothing.

  1. Can you walk on your home floor bare-footed?
  2. Can you even lie down on the floor?
  3. Can you cuddle with your indoor pet anytime without worrying that he would be dirty?

If the answer is NO, then your house is probably not clean. Check the previous record of the home-cleanliness. Sometimes, even a lot of effort on your part brings zero results because of the manual cleanliness. For example, in some cases, your hand doesn’t reach the stained area, or the tool you are using is outdated. Don’t worry!

Vacuum is the solution. Yes, it will help you to speed up the home cleaning task in every way. How? Read below.

Importance of Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner, usually called a vacuum, is used to suck the dirt and debris into its tummy (bag). So, it helps to clean home surfaces with more ease. For example, before the invention of vacuums, you had to sit down and mop out the debris and lint that was stuck or hidden under the chairs, beds, or sofas with the help of besoms. But now, things have changed due to vacuums.

You don’t have to do such tiring exercises to clean the home. Just turn the vacuum on, hold the handle, and mop the place while walking. Moreover, you can find several tips which help you to speed up your home cleaning task with more efficiency using them. For example, vacuums can help you to reach tricky areas in less time. Also, the latest vacuums can do plenty of chores as they contain different cleaning accessories. Let’s check them.

Tip No. 1 – Vacuum Cleaner Parts Usage  – A Helping Hand In Cleaning

Check the following vacuum attachments to speed up the cleaning task:

  • Crevice Tool: This tool can easily go into the tight or deep places like corners, seat divisions of a sofa, under the loungers due to its sleek look and pointed tip. A perfect part of the appliance that cleans the small unseen areas in no time.
  • Turbo Brush: This part specifically turns out to be the best one as it cleanses the areas deep, especially where the hair or dust is stuck, and eliminating them is too hard.
  • Pet Cleaning Vacuum: This tiny part can do a great wonder, as it removes the dust and dirt trapped to the pet’s coat or fur. You just have to attach the part to the machine and move gently on the pet’s skin.
  • Bare Floor Brush: It is the part of the vacuum that cleans up the floor tiles and marble without scratching the floor. This is because of the soft bristles; it is made of.
  • Extension Wand: The wand is extremely helpful when you need to go for longer heights as it gives you more reach. For example, it helps you to confiscate dust or to get something that is stuck deep behind the appliances and heavy-to-move sofa sets, etc.
  • Mattress Attachment: It varies in shapes and sizes. The attachment is used to remove lint, dust, or debris from the mattress.
  • Motorized Brush: It is used to eradicate the debris and hidden dust particles from the carpets with the help of the rotating brush. However, you can turn off the rotation to clean the bare floor as well.
  • Duster Tool: You need to attach the duster tool to the vacuum and let it do the remaining chore. However, not all vacuums have a duster tool. Still, you can have it separately and use it by attaching a vacuum that supports it. It will reach up to the places that are delicate and difficult to clean—for example, the racks, kitchen cabinets, window blinds, circuit boards of appliances and drawers, etc.

Now, we will discuss some more tips and sub-tips that should be kept in mind to speed up the dust elimination task.

Tip No. 2 – Things-to-do To Speed Up Cleaning

While using Vacuum, we forget to do many things or do a few things that shouldn’t be done, which end up slowing down the overall cleaning task.

1. Deep Cleaning of The Vacuum Is Necessary

The vacuum is a powerful cleaning hand tool that aids in removing the poor and disturbing particles from the places. But, if the cleaner itself doesn’t function properly, how can it help us? For this, make sure the cleaner, and it’s parts are getting maintenance regularly. To deep clean the vacuuming hoover, do as stated below:

  • Wash the Canister: Turn on the dishwasher and put the canister into it. Though, you may dispose-off the small particles stuck in the cartridge daily. Still, it needs a deep cleansing. So, washing them with a detergent in the dishwasher will definitely help in achieving desired outcomes.

Tip: Set the dishwasher timer for three minutes. So, the canister can be cleaned completely from every corner.

  • Replace/Wash the foamy Filters: If your vacuum has the foam filter, then it is feasible to rinse it off along with the canister. Later, let the foam dry before fitting it back in the machine. However, some filters can’t be washed, but replacing them is appropriate, such as HEPA filters.
  • Rinsing Off the Hose: First of all, detach the hose from the vacuum (by following the instructions given on the manual), and then pass luke-warm water through the tube to remove the loose dirt.

Tip: You can sprinkle a few pinches of baking soda to coat the hose (for better results). Afterward, pour 1-2 cups of vinegar (depending upon the depth of dirtiness) into the tube and wash it later.

Later, attach the hose with the machine once dried.

  • Check the Vacuum Brush: Sometimes, the hair or threads that are clogged up in the vacuum brush are difficult to eliminate. For this, make sure you have checked your cleaning brush. To clean, you can remove the lint or hairs from the brush by using your hand.

Tip: You can also pull the tangled strands (or threads) out of the brush using a toothpick.

By following these steps, you are one step ahead of cleaning the home task.

2. Things you should keep in mind When Using Vacuum

Other than deep cleansing, you must be aware enough of how to use a vacuum for a long time. For this, make sure you are not doing things that may damage or harm the cleaner. Here, we have focused on some things that you should have on your fingertips while using the home cleaner.

  • Don’t forget to replace the attachments (according to the requirement) after every few months.
  • Make sure that you are using the right part for the required job.
  • Handle your cleaning machine with care, and use the accessories gently.
  • Eliminate the debris from the bags every time you vacuum.

3. Things you Should Never Vacuum

It is imperative to differentiate what to sweep and what not to. Usually, excitedly, we clean everything that comes in our way (especially when we are beginners). Some examples of those things are:

  • Furnace Ashes – Never try to vacuum the hot ashes, as they can trap heat ejected from the machine and can fire-up the place.
  • Rocks, broken glass, or clips – Don’t hoover them as they can damage the vacuum’s inner surface, mostly the cleaner bags.
  • Anything liquid – It is useless to suck the runny fluid as it will end up wetting down everything, such as a vacuum brush. For this, you can use a towel to absorb the wet dirt before vacuuming.
  • Fine particles – it can be a paper or a pencil, and you may need them later. So, make sure that no important thing is there before vacuuming.
  • Cereals – crushed particles like chips and crumbs can easily leave the machine bag even when vacuumed. Use the besom to gather such dust.
  • Coins, or small items – they can break the plastic pieces of the vacuum. Therefore, avoid hoovering them.

4. Things or Places We Often Forget To Vacuum

Interestingly, there are some “so random” places that we forget to clean. However, the dust can be seen in those areas (when we deeply analyze them). These are:

  • Blinds or shades
  • Lawns and leaves
  • Cushions and Bed Pillows
  • Car AC or heaters
  • Keyboards
  • Windows Sills
  • Stairs
  • Fridge coils
  • Drawers
  • Brooms
  • Lounge Corners
  • Patios
  • Speakers
  • Floor under bed
  • Behind the appliances or tables

5. Some DO’s and Don’ts

Below, check some Dos and Don’ts to speeding up the cleaning task:

  • Adjust the height of the cleaner-handle for comfortable cleaning.
  • Don’t hurry while vacuuming as it can leave the deeply stuck particles suck-less.
  • Allow the hoover to clean the surface in both directions
  • Don’t ignore the blockages and dark places
  • Minimize the mess, and don’t let the door open all the time as it can allow the outer dirt to come inside.
  • While buying a cleaner, make sure it is according to the requirement.

Create An Aromatic Environment At Home – A Vacuum Hack

Give your home a sweet blossoming smell by following this amazing trick: Soak a cotton ball in the favorite essential oil and drop it into the vacuum bag. With every vacuum pass, it will spread the aromatic fragrance all over the place.

As Abe Navas, General Manager of Emily’s Maids says:

“If, after vacuuming a carpet, it’s still smelly, you should use a freshener or aromatic oil. Yes, you can try to spend all your day vacuuming just one room, but it’s way better to use a cheap freshener and combine it with a good hoover (vacuum), and any smell will go away.”

Hence, vacuums can also help to reduce odor. Indeed, an amazing hack!

Final Words

Above, we have elucidated some tips to ease your home-cleaning chore by using vacuums. Use them while vacuuming the things as well as the places and relish the new living.

Have a Happy Clean Home ?