iLife V5S Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

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iLife V5S Pro Black Friday

iLife V5S Pro Black Friday

In the line of affordable but efficient cleaning bots, V5 earned a huge respect and after some time the manufacturers upgraded it with the V5s pro to offer some more advanced features while keeping the price low.

This newest upgrade is half the price of a mid-range Roomba. A vacuum cheaper in price doesn’t mean cheaper quality. To justify this you need to read this complete iLife V5S Pro Review.

iLife V5S Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Specifications of iLife V5s Pro

Let’s take a quick look at the product specifications.

Suction Power

As mentioned earlier it’s the upgraded version of V5. It definitely delivers more suction power than it’s predecessors, while both are using the same motor. The maximum suction power of this vacuum is 850Pa similar to iLife X5.

This suction power in combination with dual side brushes can pick up everything from small dust particles to larger debris, regardless of hard floors, tile floor or carpets. This much power still keeps the vacuum quiet by producing a sound output of 55 to 60 dB. This is even quieter than X5’s 65dB output.


It features a 2600 mAh Lithium which is also used in V7s Pro vacuum. This battery allows this vacuum to work continuously for about 2 hours and 30 minutes, typically higher than the latest Roomba model.

With a run time of 140 minutes, it can clean 2000 to 2500 sq. ft. area of an entire house in a single charge. It takes about 5 hours to recharge fully. This impressive battery life makes this vacuum standout from many other higher-end models.

The auto-recharge mechanism is another cool part of this vacuum. The charging bay was reached even from 10 ft. away.


The V5S comes with a very small 10oz (300 ml) dustbin. This small tank is similar to like of its predecessor. So cleaning in a big house with this vacuum will result in emptying the dirt bin more frequently.

The higher model V7 comes with 500ml tank capacity, even the older models are more in capacity than V5S Pro leaving a bad impression on its design.

The liquid bin resided totally separate from the dustbin, and the water is distributed better with a special mechanism compared to the previous versions.


Weight and dimensions

The appearance gives the look of earlier V5 PRO/V5. You will find it slimmer than most robo vacs, that is 2.76 inches tall. This small size allows this vacuum to go under furniture and other tight spaces without any issues. The diameter of 11.81 inches is also slimmer enough and smaller than the V7S Pro. It weighs 4.9 lbs.

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Filtration System

The filtration system in this vacuum is made of plastic. The HEPA filter keeps the 99 percent of all dust trapped particles. It filters particles which are as small as 0.3 microns. The filtration system capture microscopic allergens and odour-causing bacteria.


iLife V5S Pro is backed by 12 months warranty by the manufacturer. Within the 1-year time frame the company will provide free repairs unless the product is misused or damaged properly and that includes accidental leakage too. The warranty can also be extended by the wholesaler you are buying the vacuum from.

If you have shag carpet then you can choose your best vacuum for shag carpet and if you have hard floors then you can choose best vacuum for hardwood floors.


Right out of the box you can immediately start using the cleaning bot. You will get the main body, a charging base, a dirt bin, a water tank, an IR remote, 2 additional filters, 2 mops, 1 cleaning brush, 2 additional side brushes and a pair of AAA batteries to insert in remote, an A/C adapter and a product manual.

Special Features

The V5S Pro features both wet and dry cleaning modes. There comes an IR remote allowing you to select the modes according to your need and control other functions. This V5S Pro has an improved mop-moistening feature known as I-Dropping technology. This keeps the mop hydrated in order to provide sufficient and efficient cleaning. Your furniture will be protected with the TPU bumpers from scuff marks in case of accidental collisions.

Movement Algorithm

There are a total of 4 cleaning modes in this vacuum stated as Auto, Spot, Edge, and scheduled. For any kind of cleaning, you can decide the mode to get the job done.

That said, the spot cleaning mode is suitable for cleaning a specific dirty area in your house Plus it’s good for cleaning up spillages.

The Edge cleaning mode bot performs close cleaning around the edges of the wall.

The Auto clean mode, allows the vacuum to move randomly in the house.

Last but not least, the schedule mode allows you to clean specific areas at specific times.

The iLife V5S Pro lacks floor mapping feature. The product does works with a camera or a laser sensor which would dramatically increase its price. It navigates the floor area randomly as long as there’s life in the battery. If vacuum faced any obstacle in its way back to the docking station then it will end up dead somewhere in the house.

But, there’s a solution to this problem too. If the vacuum is close to the charging dock or the path to the dock is relatively clear, then it will make it’s way back home easily.

The bot features 5 IR sensors and a wall sensor that helps the vacuum navigate around the obstacles without bumping into them. The V5S Pro also brings 3 cliff sensors to detect the sudden drop-offs from the stairs.


This price is reasonable but constantly varying you can check here.


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