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iRobot Roomba Vs. Ecovacs Deebot Comparison

iRobot Roomba Vs. Ecovacs Deebot


There are several robot manufacturing brands out there, but today we are going to see a comparison of the two largest companies, Roomba and Deebot.

So, In this guide, you will learn which is best.

Let’s get started…

In this guide, I am going to give you a close look at some of the most popular robot vacuums be Ecovcs Deebot and iRobot Roomba.

So which one is best for your home? Let’s find out.

Roomba Vs. Deebot Comparison

This table gives you a brief look at Roomba vs. Deebot comparison.

ModelVacuumFeaturesCheck Price
Roomba 690Run Time: 90 mins.
Price: $$
App Control: Yes
Roomba 675Run Time: 90 mins.
Price: $$
App Control: Yes
Roomba 960Run Time: 75 mins.
Price: $$$
App Control: Yes
Roomba 890Run Time: 90 mins.
Price: $$$
App Control: Yes
Roomba e5Run Time: 90 mins.
Price: $$$
App Control: Yes
Roomba i7+Run Time: 75 mins.
Price: $$$$
App Control: Yes
DEEBOT N79SRun Time: 120 mins.
Price: $$
App Control: Yes
DEEBOT N79Run Time: 100 mins.
Price: $$
App Control: Yes
DEEBOT 900Run Time: 110 mins.
Price: $$$
App Control: Yes
DEEBOT R95Run Time: 90 mins.
Price: $$
App Control: Yes
DEEBOT M80Run Time: 110 mins.
Price: $$
App Control: Yes
DEEBOT 601Run Time: 120 mins.
Price: $$
App Control: Yes

DEEBOT N79 vs. Roomba 690

The above comparison table highlights the top performers and now it’s time to look at Ecovacs Deebot vs. Roomba model comparisons.

Deebot N79

The Ecovacs Deebot N79 is a vacuum that offers great value at a reasonable price and comes with features like built-in wifi, a 100-minute run time, and exceptional cleaning performance.

Similarly, it brings a load of accessories including wireless remote control, a HEPA filter, charging base, 4 spinning brushes, and a multi-purpose cleaning tool for basic maintenance.

To deal with large cleaning jobs a 100-minute run time is plenty.
The built-in wifi feature allows you to control the vacuum using your smartphone or tablet and perform different actions while sitting on your couch like schedule future cleaning cycles using the app, stop, start or navigate the vacuum.

Owners of this vacuum struggle to find new replacement parts.
For carpet cleaning, struggles with capturing the finest debris type (sugar)

Roomba 690

Roomba 690 is an economical robot vacuum that offers wifi connectivity and excellent cleaning performance without breaking the bank.

Roomba 690 boasts a dirt detection feature which keeps the vacuum clean longer on high-traffic areas, but due to the low price tag, this vacuum cannot afford voice control or advanced memory mapping.

Still, Roomba 690 is a best-selling vacuum on the market today that gives solid cleaning performance and best value for the money.

The wifi-connectivity feature allows you to control the robot using your smartphone and perform different tasks like start, stop or schedule a cleaning cycle.
Although it’s an older model, the cleaning performance is comparable to newer models in terms of raw debris removal.

Lacks advanced navigation like memory mapping which results in softly bumping into obstacles and cleans in a random pattern.
Like many other robot vacuums, Roomba 690 also struggles with carpet cleaning.


Deebot R95 vs. Roomba i7+

Here we have Deebot R95 and Roomba i7+ the top-tier models by each Deebot and Roomba. These might not be the most popular models but they are the highest performing models and let’s find out which one you should pick.

Deebot R95

The Deebot R95 is a robot vacuum cleaner that comes with all the bells and whistles.

What allows this vacuum to achieve great performance and capability are the Wifi connectivity, 90-minute run time, Amazon Alexa compatibility, and wet mopping(with attachment)

The long run time allows you to clean the large floor plans.
The range of premium features like voice compatibility, laser navigation, wifi compatibility, and mop attachment for an affordable price tag.

Gets stuck more easily around obstacles
Manufactured in the chain, which makes getting customer support more difficult.

Roomba i7+

Without any doubt, Roomba i7+ is the most advanced robot vacuum available in the market. The flawless cleaning performance comes at the ease of not even touching the vacuum, thanks to the self-emptying dust bin, the i7+ is a total hands-free cleaning option that comes with an expensive price tag.

The dust bin of the vacuum self-empties into the charging base which can hold up to 30 loads.
Superior cleaning performance against all debris types and flooring types. All rugs, carpets are easy for this high profile vac.

Despite all the bells and whistles, the high price tag will make it critical to decide for people.


DEEBOT 900 vs. Roomba e5

In the list of budget vacuums, Deebot 900 and Roomba e5 are two comparable models and let’s find the difference between them.

Deebot 900

The Deebot 900 hits a sweet spot between price and performance. Being an inexpensive vacuum, Deebot 900 comes with wifi connectivity, Amazon Alexa compatibility, and advanced smart home mapping for improved navigation.

The wifi connectivity allows you to start, stop or schedule a cleaning check. Also, check the vacuum status, or view the cleaning map.

The advanced navigation or the advanced navigation not only creates a digital map of your apartment but allows you to cordon off sensitive areas by simply drawing a line on the map without any physical barriers.
The interchangeable suction inlet allows you to switch between a rotating, agitating brushroll (best for smaller debris on carpet) to an open suction inlet(best for larger debris on hardwood floors)

The dirt bin capacity is smaller
Wifi connection breaks and causes complications with the cleaning cycle.

Roomba e5

In our list, Roomba e5 is a best-budget Roomba that comes with wifi connectivity, long 90-minute run time, ideal cleaning performance and much less expensive compared to i7+.

The long run time of 90 minutes is sufficient to clean the majority of your home without needing to Recharge and Resume.
Inexpensive vacuum and the newest model in the market.

Face difficulty with carpet floor types
No onboard camera makes it difficult to move on complicated floor plans or advanced mapping.

Ecovacs DEEBOT

There are 16 different models in Deebot line by Ecovacs, differentiate on the basis of price, features, run time, and cleaning performance

  • Deebot 601
  • Deebot 900
  • Deebot 901
  • Deebot N79S
  • Deebot Ozmo 930
  • Deebot Ozmo 601
  • Deebot Slim 2
  • Deebot Mini 2
  • Deebot Slim Neo
  • Deebot M81 Pro
  • Deebot M80 Pro
  • Deebot M88
  • Deebot R95
  • Deebot R98

All of the above vacuums have various technologies which are described below.

1. Smart Navigation System

The Smart Navigation System allows the vacuum to navigate your home intelligently. First, it scans the entire home and creates a virtual map of all the space. Once the mapping is done, simply choose the specific area to clean using Area Clean feature and you can also set Virtual Boundary to restrict specific zones.

These are the robot vacuums by Deebot that comes with this feature: Deebot Ozumo 930, Deebot 900, Deebot 901, Deebot R95, Deebot R98.

2. App Control

This is a crucial feature of every robot vacuum that separates it from the traditional vacuums. Controlling the movement of the robot using a mobile app. You have total control to start or stop a cleaning cycle, schedule a cleaning cycle, and perform various settings simply using your smartphone.

This feature exists in almost all robot vacuums by Deebot.

3. Voice Report

Voice Report takes convenience to whole another level. Instead of using a smartphone, you can use control the robot with your voice by using voice control device like Amazon Alexa and pairing it with your robot. You will most probably see this newer technology in most advanced robot vacuums by Deebot.

So the only vacuums with this feature are Deebot R95 and Deebot R98.

4. Automatic Charging

Automatic charging is another smart feature of a vacuum that allows the vacuum to return to cleaning dock to refill the charging after finishing the cleaning cycle. Automatic charging eliminates the hassle of putting the vacuum on charge manually. So with this feature, you can do regular schedule cleaning or intermittent spot cleaning.

5. Optional Mop

Some of the Deebot models have an optional mop. The mop attachment includes a microfiber cloth that wets and cleans the floor as the machine navigates. So vacuuming and mopping are done at the same time.

Vacuums with this feature are Deebot Ozmo 601, Deebot M81 Pro, Deebot M88, Deebot R95, Deebot R98, Deebot Slim Neo, Deebot Slim 2, Deebot Mini 2

6. Tangle-Free Suction

Some of the vacuums by Deebot boasts dual suction system which gives you the option to use a spiral bristle brush roll or an alternate suction inlet. The suction inlet lacks brushes or central axel and that’s why it gives tangle-free suction.

Vacuums with this feature are Deebot 900, Deebot 901, Deebot Ozmo 601, Deebot M81 Pro, Deebot Slim Neo, Deebot Slim 2, Deebot Mini 2

iRobot Roomba

Right now there are 8 flagship models of Roomba, 3 of which belong to new i Series.

Flagship models are:

Roomba e5
Roomba i7
Roomba i7+

And 4 models that span a few different series. These include:

Roomba 980
Roomba 960
Roomba 690
Roomba 675

And two Roomba robot mops:

Braava Jet 240
Braava Jet 380t

Following are the features that different models of Roomba comes with.

1. Recharge & Resume

This feature allows the robot to recharge even when the cleaning cycle is running. Roomba is capable to do this two times, which results in extended run time by 3x the original run time. The best part is that the Roomba start cleaning the exact same spot where it left, thanks to Navigational sensors.

Vacuums with this feature are Roomba i7, Roomba i7+, Roomba 980, Roomba 960

2. Automatic Charging

Automatic charging is a feature that allows the robot to return to the charging station when the battery is about to finish. Currently, all models have this feature.

3. iAdapt Navigation

To navigate throughout the home, Roombas uses iAdapt mapping technology. Few vacuums by Roomba without this technology tended to move in randomized paths and diagonal lines.

The bots became advanced when they were equipped with iAdapt 2.0 and iAdapt 3.0 that allows them to navigate straighter paths and map places and can even remember where they have been, and can recognize space by name, like the kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

These are the vacuums with this technology

Models with iAdapt 1.0 are Roomba 690, Roomba 675
Models with iAdapt 2.0 are Roomba 980, Roomba 960
Models with iAdapt 3.o are Roomba i7+, Roomba i7, Roomba e5

4. Wifi Connectivity

Wifi connectivity allows Roombas to stand out of the crowd. Using a mobile app you can completely control the navigation of the Roomba and also using your voice by pairing the bot with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Vacuums with this feature are Roomba i7+, Roomba i7, Roomba e5, Roomba 980, Roomba 960, Roomba 890, Roomba 690, Roomba 675

5. AeroForce System

This is a brushroll and filtration system that brings upgraded brushroll with a more efficient filter. Whereas, this filter is smaller and allows for a slightly larger capacity dust bin.

Vacuums with this feature are Roomba i7+, Roomba i7, and Roomba e5

6. i Series System

i Series is the latest series by Roomba and has an upgraded system that leaves the AeroForce system behind. This technology is nameless and only exists in i Series autonomous robots. Vacuums with this technology boast advanced brushroll, smaller filter and they have a nice lime green accent.

These are the vacuums with this technology Roomba i7+, Roomba i7, and Roomba e5.

Which Deebot vs. Roomba is best?

So how do you make a selection of Roomba and Deebot brand with all the knowledge we gave above.

Let us help you there as well…

For a budget price, vacuums with great features are Deebot N79 or Roomba 690.
For high-end choice, Deebot R95 or the Roomba i7+ are our top selections.

This is an iRobot Roomba Vs. Ecovacs Deebot Comparison. In this article, I have explained what are the differences and similarities in both models to make it easy for you.

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