Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum Review

Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum Review

iRobot Roomba 614 Review

Let’s discuss the Roomba 614 Review in details

With the help of dirt detect, technology the Roomba 614 identifies the dirt particles using acoustic sensors and clean in those areas intensively.

The Roomba 614 uses iAdapt technology and advanced software to make sure the dirtier areas and normal areas of your floor are cleaned from every inch, including the hard-to-reach areas for humans like under furniture, and bed.

It is basically a multi-floor vacuum cleaner which can adjust itself when encounters different surfaces like hardwood, tile, linoleum floors and carpets as it moves through your home.

With the help of advanced software, it can avoid obstacles, move along walls, prevent falling down from stairs, drop-offs, and avoid tangles from loose cords while cleaning almost every inch of your home.

Once the cleaning finished, you don’t need to clean the brushes as the brush mechanism is designed in such a way to clean itself automatically. AeroVac Technology to get Optimized airflow to pull off Roomba’s brushes and sends it to the AeroVac bin at the back. With a single tap of a button on the body of the robot, it activates and starts cleaning session.

As mentioned earlier, the Roomba 614 robot vacuum cleaner can work on any surface either it’s hardwood floors, carpets, laminate, or rugs. It weighs around 7.9 lbs and stands 3.6 inches and can easily get under low-clearance furnitures like beds, tables, and TV stands.

The impressive Lithium-Ion battery lasts for about 1 hour while cleaning every part of your home. When runs low on battery, it automatically returns back to the charging station and can also recharge between cleaning sessions.

It provides the stellar performance to pick up dirt and dust using its 3-stage cleaning system along with agitation, brushing, and suction.

Unboxing the package it brings the robot, 1 self-charging Home base, a Side brush, a brush cleaning tool, a beater brush, a filter, and an AeroVac.

This lowest-priced robot vacuum lacks the virtual wall, scheduling, and remote control which is justified by the price. It only has a clean button on the top which activates the robot. And when it runs out of juice, it can return to the home base automatically. It achieves longer battery life with the help of advanced software.

But that’s not all, iRobot vacuums are sophisticated robots, equipped with latest technologies, sensors, and software which in combination work to clean your floor while avoiding obstacles.

As it has a low-clearance design, it can easily penetrate in tight spaces. It’s smart enough to handle fibers like pet hairs, carpet fuzz, cat litter, popcorns, pet fur.

Pet owners will love this vacuum as it has larger dustbin which does not require frequent sessions of emptying, unlike other models.

This vacuum outperforms many upright vacuums, it utilizes the power of Dirt technology to tidy up dirty areas many times.

This excellent robot vacuum fits your lifestyle and cleans from room to room without requiring you to help it clean.

It’s pocket-friendly, lightweight and cleans nicely, it’s a best-rated machine that gives true value for the money.

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