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Roomba i7 Review

Here to all those who are still struggling to make the right choice about robot vacuum. Well ask me and I will name Roomba i7 undoubtedly. No wonder housekeeping just got so much easier with its smart features, designed to facilitate its use. The company has finally heard to our heartiest wishes and made this robot vacuum. You must be thinking why am I so crazy about Roomba i7 robot vacuum, what’s so special about it. Honestly speaking I myself is not the kind of a person who reads the manual completely, of course, I am too lazy to do so. But in short, I will help you make your decision by sharing my experience with it. It not only memorizes the floor plan, but also is smart enough to detect any change in furniture placement, e.g., when I moved my end table from its place, the very next time when I was cleaning my house I realized it detected the change in furniture placement and it’s also smart to detect dirt zones.

Roomba i7 Review

Roomba i7 Review

We all hate to clean/empty the dirt bin of our vacuums, well this time when I bought i7, I got rid of it. As it is smart enough to empty itself in its clean base which also helps to charge it. Self-cleaning of dirt bin is the real thing that makes it so unique and different from all the rest of robot vacuums available. You might find similar features like mapping, smart design that allows it to clean even under the couch, etc., in other robot vacuums as well but this self-cleaning has taken this vacuum to the whole new level like you are stepping into future. Just imagine, no emptying of dirt bin, no matter how many cleaning cycles it undergoes, it’s not my job at all, yes not anymore with Roomba i7. It’s a true game-changer, a must, “buy” robot vacuum.

Another amazing thing is its sound sensors that enable me to give a verbal command like I am sitting and I know it’s about to complete the cleaning of this room I can ask it to clean kid’s room after it. Amazing isn’t it? Well, if you are excited about this let me tell you another extraordinary feature you can even ask it clean specific room at a specific time and it will clean it according to your command. Just like an alarm e.g., ask it to clean living room at 7 am at night and it will start clean that living room at sharp 7 is the very next morning. Cool! Right? Life got just better. As Roomba i7 keeps a record of previous cleanings, it helps you a lot, like I happen to have a big house so, I need to charge it again before it completes the entire floor plan. Its history record helps it to catch up from where it stopped.

Roomba i7 is smart in its design, in regards to its shape and its size that it can easily clean under the couch. Its height of about 3.5 inches allows it to easily swipe under the sofa’s and tables and clean well, even the toughest spots. Roomba also goes over and over to the place where it detects more dirt like my hallway, etc., talking about its smart shape and size let me tell you Roomba i7 have its clean base with a ramp for an easy climb, and a replaceable bag it attached which collects all the dirt when it’s pushed out of the Roomba i7. Roomba i7 is relatively a quiet robot vacuum as I clearly remember the noise havoc of my old vacuum. It nearly generates the sound of 63 decibels on the carpet, and 70 decibels on the hardwood floor. At times it gets stuck with the corner of carpets then I have to keep an eye in order to keep the cleaning process smooth.

Well, that was about features now I am going to talk about some real deal that is productivity level which I would rate in the terms of a scale from 0-10. Its cleaning is nearly 9.5 on the carpet which is outstanding but honestly, I would rate its wooden floor cleaning as 8. So average would be 9 out of 10, which is too good to find in any other robot vacuum that I can bet on. Another thing is; its round shape due to which some corners are really tough as it can get close to them but nearly distance if an inch is still left unreached, which is not allowing it to get 10 out of 10 in my rating scale.

Roomba i7 could be operated with the help of an app or by the clean button on its top. I prefer its app though. As the app helps me with various issues like it informs me if there is any clogging in the clean base or the replaceable bag need to be changed. It also guides me on what to do step by step in order to fix if something goes wrong. Although app at times gives me false alarm about bin clogging too but sometimes there is something wrong then I have to open it and fix it. Still, the app makes it more feasible for use on the other hand.


Smartest and latest robot vacuum with mapping and cleaning history records

Auto-cleaning bin

Comparatively less noisy

Advanced navigation to enable efficient cleaning of the room than any other available robots.


A bit expensive

Run time is lesser than a few other in the market

Roomba i7 is truly a smart product that makes you feel like you are in the future where the robot is efficient enough to clean its own dirt bin. The advanced navigation system in it allows it to clean more effectively, its memory of floor plans, and cleaning history record accelerates its satisfactory value. Indeed, it’s expensive but the kind of easy cleaning it provides, I guess it’s completely worth it. The app is cherry on top with the audio sensor which enables the user of verbally commanding this robot.

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