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Roomba i7+ vs. i7 vs. E5: Differences Explained

The newly released vacuums in iRobot arsenal are Roomba i7+ vs. i7 vs. e5.

In this guide, I am going to discuss similarities and differences to help you discover the best model for your home.

Roomba i7+ vs. i7 vs. E5

Roomba i7+

In this three way comparison between i7+ vs. i7 vs. e5, the winner is the Roomba i7+. The most exciting feature that makes this robot our top pick is the self-emptying dust bin which is not available in any other vacuum out there. So, we recommend Roomba i7+ as the best of the best in this 3 way horse race.

The Roomba i7 has few similarities with i7+, with the exception of the self-emptying dust bin. But if you can pass on this feature, Roomba i7 can be chosen as an excellent runner-up.

Despite all these advanced features stuff, the Roomba e5 is a great deal and a solid choice that offers well-rounded features and superior cleaning performance without breaking the bank. Although it lacks a self-emptying dust bin or smart mapping, it checks all other important features that a robot vacuum should possess. This is still a quality vacuum and at a much better price point that it’s upgraded models.

The Differences

Auto-Empty Dust Bin: This feature is only available in Roomba i7+ and the charging base takes responsibility for this task and automatically empties debris from the Roomba every time after cleaning.

Price: With such an advanced feature Roomba i7+ becomes an expensive model and the i7 is slightly inexpensive than i7+ for having similar features except for the advanced self-empty base. The e5 is the most budget vacuum in all of these three models.

Navigation: Both the i7+ and i7 brings an advanced navigation system known as Smart Mapping. This feature makes these bots capable enough to remember room types, like “kitchen”, “Bedroom”, or “Living Room”. But the Roomba e5 is equipped with memory mapping that allows remembering the last spot it has cleaned, and you cannot direct the Roomba e5 to clean a specific area.

Cleaning Performance: In terms of cleaning performance, three of these models are top-notch. The upside of the i7 and i7+ is how they go about cleaning versus the e5.

If you want to read in details you can check Roomba i7+ and Roomba i7 Review here and Roomba e5 Review here.

i7+, i7, & e5 Design Differences

In terms of design, the Roomba i7, Roomba i7+, and Roomba e5 are similar to some extent but not totally identical.

Let’s see what makes these new models different?

Unlike the Roomba 900 Series, these three newest Roomba models share a similarity and now we will discuss the minor differences in the design.

Features on the top

On top of all these models, there are three buttons:

Clean: Allows you to start, stop, or pause the robot for cleaning.

Spot: The spot cleaning feature allows you to clean localized area. In spot cleaning, the Roomba navigates in circles around the specified area until it is clean.

Home: This button sends the robot back to home base leaving the cleaning cycle in between. The home base is a charging base where it charges up to be ready for the next cleaning cycle.

Features on the bottom

The underside of all these models is identical. Three of them equipped with a dual rubberized brushroll system combined with a side spinning brush. These pieces might have a familiar design to older Roomba models, but the quality is improved and have bright green aesthetic than previous versions.

There are edge sensors on the outside edge which allow the bots to figure out hazards like drop zones, stairs, lofted spaces, or other obstacles.

AeroVac vs. AeroForce: What’s new?


The AeroVac is a filtration system that is used in older models of Roomba like the 690 and 675. This system works in combination with bristle style brushroll and a basic HEPA filter. Although the filter was bulkier than the AeroForce it’s successor but managed to get the job done.

AeroForce 1.0

AeroForce system is available in 800 and 900 series and this system pull dirt and debris with the help of updated rubberized brush rolls. This filter is smaller in size but much efficient than AeroVac filter.

Here’s what these latest models come with…

The e5, i7, and i7+ all have a new filter, born into the AeroForce family. It’s half the size of original AerForce filter but smaller in size but capable to draw most debris in the dust bin. Plus, it has a washable dust bin.

Size Comparison

In terms of size, all of these models are identical. They are:

  • 13.3″ diameter
  • 3.6″ tall

The smart base, which is only available in Roomba i7+ is:

  • 19″ tall
  • 15.1″ deep
  • 12.2″ wide

Similarly, the i7 and i7+ are heavier like:

  • Roomba e5 is 7.2 lbs.
  • Roomba i7 & i7+ 7.4 lbs.

Accessories & Parts

For accessories, the e5 and i7 models are again almost similar. The general Roomba parts and accessories are:

  • Charging Station
  • Battery
  • Virtual Wall Barrier
  • HEPA Filter (x2)
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Spinning Brush
  • User Guide

The only thing that separates these comparable models is the charging base.

Charging Base Differences

The Roomba e5 has a very simple standard charging base that is used for all iRobot vacuums.

The Roomba i7 does have the same standard base but equipped with recharge and resume allowing the robot to return to base when running out of battery and then pick up where it left off cleaning.

The Roomba i7+ has a base that comes with a recharge and resumes feature, but it’s smarter and allows the Roomba to empty the dust bin into the smart base.

The charging base of the Roomba i7 is called “Clean Base”. The only reason Roomba i7+ has high price tag is due to the advanced base and the only difference between the i7 and i7+ is the new smart clean feature.

The i7+ is even marked with a regular i7 model number along with the bottom of the robot.

The i7 does lack the smart clean feature but it’s sold separately and can be used with i7 as there’s no compatibility issue.

Maintenance costs

When utilizing the Clean Base, disposable dust bin bags are required. The bags are well made but we are not sure how long they last, they should last a year though.

The dust bag has the capacity to hold up to 30 loads of debris from the Roomba i7 onboard dust bin.

Performance & Features

We discussed the updated exteriors and fancy new parts, let’s discuss the performance of these vacuums.

The cleaning performance depends on the following factors:

  • Brushroll style
  • Filtration system
  • Battery
  • Motor

These factors work together to establish an overall cleaning performance.

Brushroll Style

All of these vacuums are equipped with advanced dual rubberized brush rolls. These two rotate at the same time but in the opposite directions, the first roller agitates debris while the other drives it into the dust bin.

Specially designed grooves in the roller increase roller’s performance and make them more effective than previous models.

Filtration System

As mentioned earlier, all of these models are equipped with advanced AeroForce filter which is a “2nd generation AeroForce” of sorts. Much smaller in size and never compromises on the performance.

Furthermore, the dust bin that is partnered with this filter is fully washable and the Roomba e5, i7, and i7+ all of these vacuums have this feature.

Battery & Motor

The Roomba i7+, i7, and e5 vacuums come with the same battery size – 1,800 mAh.

How long is the run time?

Although, the Roomba e5 lacks some advanced features or is inexpensive but gives more run time compared to both the i7+ and i7. Where both of these models give only 75 minutes of run time.

But it’s pretty clear why the i7+ and i7 give less battery time, due to added suction power that strains more battery power than e5.

But, the i7+ and i7 both feature Recharge & Resume feature which allows them to head back to base during the cleaning session and pick it up from where they left once recharged, in order to complete cleaning.

They can do this twice, resulting in up to 225 minutes of cleaning time.

Roomba Usability Differences

The Roomba i7+, i7, and e5 have smart features but some of the top marks in terms of usability comes from:

  • Hands-free control
  • Advanced navigation
  • Body design

Controlling with your voice or smartphone.

All of these vacuums offer wifi-connectivity and by pairing them with your phone, you can use the mobile app to gain complete control over the vacuum. You can start, stop, view cleaning history and also do various settings by simply sitting on your couch.

Furthermore, these three models can also be controlled by voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and pairing them with your robots.

Navigate with a Roomba brain.

The Roomba e5 navigates on the basis of memory mapping and remember layouts, with this approach the e5 can remember the position of obstacles, like large furniture, doors, walls, etc.

Mapping Comparison

The Roomba i7, and i7+ both use Imprint Smart Mapping technology for navigation. What this mapping does is digitally draw maps and footprints and once the drawings are done, you can assign a name to these drawings like Kitchen, Bedroom, or Living Room.


The visible differences between these models are in maintenance. There are differences in the amount of time it takes to maintain as well as associated costs.

The maintenance schedule is described below in the table:

Accessory / Part Roomba i7+ Roomba i7 Roomba e5
Filter Required Required Required
Spinning Brush Required Required Required
Brushroll Required Required Required
Battery Required Required Required
Disposal Bags Required for Clean Base NA NA
Clean Filter Required Required Required
Empty Dust Bin Only if something is stuck Required Required

Which is the Better Value?

All of these models have their own advantages and disadvantages to consider when deciding which model is perfect for you.

The Roomba e5 wins the game in term of overall value with the low price tag which not only gives excellent cleaning performance across all floor types but has some advanced features over other two robots, Plus it’s built for budget consumers.

But what if you want more?

In case you want to deal with carpeted flooring or area rugs, the Roomba i7 is the ideal choice, because it not only gives superb cleaning performance across all floor types and against all debris types but has an affordable price tag.

For the best of the best…

The Roomba i7+, no doubt offers unrivaled cleaning performance and comes with a unique feature of the self-emptying dust bin. This is the only thing that allows you to forget about the vacuum for days after putting it on schedule because the vacuum will self-charge and self-clean without even bothering you.

Of course, the filter will still need to be cleaned regularly so it’s not 100% of regular maintenance, but it still going in the direction of self-reliant robot vacuums.

Roomba i7 vs. i7+ vs. e5 Specifications

The comparison charge below highlights the important specifications of Roomba i7, i7+, and Roomba e5 robot vacuum models.

Specifications Roomba i7+ Roomba i7 Roomba e5
Type Robot Robot Robot
Manufacturer iRobot iRobot iRobot
Model Roomba i7+ (7550) Roomba i7 (7150) Roomba e5 (5150)
Length 13.34″ 13.34″ 13.3″
Width 13.34″ 13.34″ 13.3″
Height 3.63″ 3.63″ 3.6″
Weight 7.44 lbs. 7.44 lbs. 7.2 lbs.
Floor Type All (indoor) All (indoor) All (indoor)
Run Time 75 mins. 75 mins. 90 mins.
Battery 1,800 mAh 1,800 mAh 1,800 mAh
Dust Bin Capacity ~0.5 L ~0.5 L ~0.5 L
iAdapt Navigation 3.0 3.0 2.0
Imprint Smart Mapping Yes Yes No
Memory Mapping Yes Yes Yes
Self-Emptying (Advanced Base) Yes; the smart base is included Not included, but compatible, the base can be purchased separately Not compatible
Washable Dust Bin (onboard) Yes Yes Yes
Includes Virtual Wall Yes; One Yes; One Yes; One
Returns Yes (usually), Varies by retailer Yes (usually), Varies by retailer Yes (usually), Varies by retailer
Warranty 1-Year limited 1-Year limited 1-Year limited
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price
Review Read Review Read Review Read Review

What’s the Best Roomba for You?

Although these robot vacuums bring many advanced features you need a vacuum that is right for your needs.

Ultimate Convenience

For ultimate convenience and excellent cleaning performance, the best robot vacuum for you is Roomba i7+ but it requires deep pockets.

Convenience + Cost Savings

If you don’t mind a little daily interaction with a vacuum that offers solid cleaning performance then Roomba i7 is a great option for you, though it lacks smart cleaning feature it also comes in the less expensive price tag.

Best Value

If you are looking for a vacuum that offers excellent value and amazing cleaning performance, the Roomba e5 is the best option for you.

In this article we explainedRoomba i7+ vs. i7 vs. E5 in greater details. We carefully researched these vacuums and brought up honest facts and figures to help you pick the right model.

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