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Should You Buy Upright or Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you have ever maneuvered around the market looking for a vacuum cleaner, I believe you know how difficult it can be to find a reliable machine. Vacuum cleaners come in a myriad of models that sometimes make it extremely difficult to make an informed decision.

But, depending on your main intentions, all these vacuum cleaner models in the market can be narrowed down into two major categories which are upright and stick vacuum cleaners.

For those with some basic experience about these cleaning machines, you know that an upright vacuum is the best for cleaning homes with wall to wall carpeting while the stick vacuum model is the best for cleaning rooms with hard floors.

However though, if you do not have any experience with these cleaning machines, then you do not have to worry as this article will discuss some features between these two vacuum types to help you better understand them.

The Features

The first factor you need to look at before making your mind on whether to buy a stick or an upright vacuum is the available features. Now, by just staring at both of these vacuum cleaners, you’ll find that both of them have minor differences.

For instance, a stick vacuum has everything (including the dust container and the motor) fitted on the stick while an upright model can either be bagged or bagless, corded or cordless. Now, both of these two vacuum types might feature multiple attachments depending on the model.

However, since upright models are larger than their stick counterparts, they can easily be integrated with multiple attachments such as HEPA filters making them the best to consider.


This is one key factor you need to be really keen on when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Remember, the stronger the motor, the more suction power a vacuum machine is expected to have. In most cases, upright vacuums are considered to be the largest meaning they can house a larger motor.

With large motors, it generally means that these machines can handle heavy-duty cleaning tasks that other vacuums cannot endure. On the other hand, stick vacuums are smaller in size meaning they can only house smaller motors. This hence makes them the best for light cleaning duties such as picking pet hair, dust, and debris on the floor.

Storage Space

Although the stick vacuum is considered to be a lightweight version of the upright vacuum, its main selling point is when it comes to storage. This vacuum is thin and has a smaller dust reservoir as compared to its upright counterpart. With such an advantage, these vacuums are easy to store behind the stairways and in profile areas in case you’re living in a small apartment.

Due to their lightweight characteristics, stick vacuums can easily be carried upstairs making it easier for all homeowners, including seniors, to carry them around when vacuuming.

Ease of Usage

Another factor that should be considered when you’re thinking whether to buy an upright or a stick vacuum cleaner is the ease of usage. According to bestvacuumresource.com, vacuum cleaners are designed to handle specific vacuuming tasks.

For instance, stick vacuums are less aggressive hence the best for cleaning hard floors such as laminated, marble and tile floors. On the other hand, upright vacuums have more powerful motors that make them more aggressive hence the best for cleaning textured and plush surfaces such as carpeted floors.


Another factor that is of paramount importance in this heated debate of stick vs upright vacuums is the versatility or flexibility of the machine. Here, upright vacuums are the best to consider because of one huge advantage—they are easily paired with multiple attachments.

So, whether you’re cleaning a high or low pile carpet, your curtains or your furniture, you only need to change the attachments and everything is done. These vacuums even attempt to clean hard floors though they’re not 100% efficient in picking dirt and debris.

On the other hand, stick vacuums are small and have smaller motors that only handle light vacuuming tasks. They have a simple on/off switch with no customizable cleaning options as compare to upright vacuums.


Overall, choosing between a stick and an upright vacuum cleaner requires you to consider a number of factors. While we have already mentioned some of these factors, everything boils down to your personal preference such as the type of floor in your home and your specific cleaning requirements.